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Fun with Hasbro - March Break Guide

Friday, March 08, 2013

What would March Break be without a little fun and games? Of course, we all secretly hope for warmer temperatures so that we can all get outside for a family stroll and outdoor play. But it's never a bad idea to be prepared with some back-up activities that can be enjoyed inside the home when the weather refuses to co-operate. Today I bring you some ideas for March Break Fun with Hasbro.

Whenever the holidays roll around, I get excited at the thought of having a game night. March Break is no exception. We have an ever-growing collection of games in our home that are occupying a tonne of storage space, that now we are trying out some iPad app versions of Hasbro classics such as the Game of Life. The kids also love playing Connect Four Launchers and Simon Flash. My daughter is really getting into Battleship Live and loves how interactive it is. One game we haven't pulled out in a while is the innovative puzzle Ji Ga Zo. I think it's time we tried an updated portrait. Although this one of my son is still super cute, wouldn't you say?

For the older set, there's always Trivia Pursuit. Trivia has never been my forté but we are always guaranteed a good laugh. Just like when we play Cranium!

And then there's Play-Doh. What kid doesn't love Play-Doh? With all the bright colours and play sets to choose from, there is surely lots of creative play to be had. The new Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery set looks like a lot of fun. For the kids. The subsequent mess it could leave behind for mommy to clean up? Not so much. This is why I tend to join in the Play-Doh fun with my kids to keep the mess in check. A couple of years ago, we made some Easter-themed Play-Doh magnets

My son, who is an incredibly huge fan of all things cars, still loves playing with his favourite Play-Doh set - the Cars 2 Mold 'N Go Speedway. Ka-chow!

For Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law bought the kids their first BeyBlade set and they loved it! They have taken them apart and built new ones, and put them back together again. They love letting it rip and battling it out in their half pike. The BeyBlades have actually replaced the FurReal Dizzy Dancers, whose main appeal was the pretty "girly" colours. I'd say save your money and invest in BeyBlades. In our home, they've proven to be much more fun and have seen more hours of play than the Dizzy Dancers.

Ever since I was a child, I had always wanted to try out the Easy Bake Oven. I really like the look of the newer model, which I first encountered at the Hasbro preview event back in 2011. I also like that it no longer needs light bulbs. As a bonus, it happens to come in one of my daughter's favourite colours. Now that my daughter is nearly eight, I thought it was a good time for me us to bake some mini treats using our new Easy Bake Oven. My son was even to eager to help out. First up, uber mini chocolate chip cookies! They were super easy to make and bake but I personally did not like the flavour of the dough.

I'm looking forward to baking some mini cupcakes during the break, though. I hope they taste as good as they look in the instruction pamphlet. Photos to come!


In recent months, both of my kids have taken an interest in construction sets. And of course, my son has a preference for making things that go. When I first tested the KRE-O Sentinel Prime Transformer, my son insisted on making the fire truck. I have yet to try transforming it into Sentinel Prime but I think we might just tackle that next week if he's up for it. The vehicle mode required about 87 steps. I'm a little weary to learn how many steps are required in the Sentinel mode.

Here's hoping you have a fun and enjoyable March Break!

Disclosure: I was sent products to help facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. OMG - I can't wait to try the Easy Bake Oven when I'm back - I wanted one sooooo badly when I was a kid. I remember those little cakes where the best tasting things ever.

    1. Me, too! And now that we have one, I had to try REALLY hard not to shove the kids aside and take over. :)

  2. Awww! Looks like the makings of a perfect break! Enjoy :-)

  3. Wow, this post brings back memories. I remember the Game of Life, Battleship and Trivia Pursuit. My favourite game ever was Trouble just cuz I liked popping that BubbIe! I had an Easy Bake Oven and I loved it. Love that a light bulb made a cake!!

  4. Not crazy about Playdough. We'd only give it to kids of people we don't like because it would get everywhere!


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