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Not All Spoons Are Created Equal

Monday, April 08, 2013

At this year's OMLTA Spring Conference, I met a gentleman named Jay Bailey who has traveled across Canada living the life of the voyageur. I was drawn to his booth when I heard him playing the spoons and wasn't prepared to see the number of spoons he had collected during his travels. It really was an impressive collection and I soon realized that not all spoons are created equal. I ended up buying my first pair of Richard Cyr wooden spoons called the boîte à boîte at the One of a Kind Show here in Toronto but they cost a pretty penny. If you want an inexpensive alternative, Jay showed me how you can make your own set of spoons by purchasing a cheap pair from the dollar store, separate them with a wooden dowel and secure them with duct tape. You can see the metal spoons in the middle of the photo above. I think you could even use a wine cork if you don't have a wooden dowel. It would be fun to experiment with all the different sounds you can make. Thanks for the mini lesson on spoons, Jay!

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  1. I loved that spoon display at the one of a kind show. Learning spoon playing is on my bucket list.

    1. It sure was an impressive display. How could I resist? LOL I'd be more than happy to bring my spoons the next time I see you and teach you what I know. Which isn't much. :)

  2. So fun! My Mum and Dad were French teachers and my Dad used to get dressed up as a voyageur for one of his units. I think my Mum still has the sash somewhere.

    1. It sounds like you have one cool dad! We bought the sashes a couple of years ago but use them mostly during the week when we celebrate Carnaval.


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