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Wizard World Fun Park Toronto - March Break Guide

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto

The March Break started off with some rain showers here in Toronto. The good news is that most of the snow mountains have shrunk into snow hills. The not-so-good news is that the kids have had to remain indoors. Luckily, we were able to check out Wizard World, Toronto's largest indoor family fun park, during an exclusive event with Jennifer Valentyne who was filming her Live Eye segment for Breakfast Television.

Wizard World Fun Park is located in the Better Living Centre and parking is available on the Exhibition grounds. Take note that if you plan on being though for more than a few hours, the maximum cost for metered parking is $14. You will have to walk around to the main entrance which is hard to miss since they have a mini ferris wheel just outside.

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto

Once inside, you will be greeted by ever-powerful wizard fountain. Just beyond is a Pizza Pizza booth. To your right, there are tented areas with craft tables and to your left, there is a coat check which is very useful, as well as the table where you pick up your unlimited ride bracelets.

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto

Also to your left, you find a few of the games that kids can play and will be guaranteed a win. They get 3 chances for $5, which will grant them dollar store type inflatable toys. You can get 7 chances for $10, which will give them a small stuffed toy. The next level up is $20 which will let you pick a larger stuffed toy. I tried to avoid these like the plague.

Continue past the games booth and you will make your way to a bouncy castle extravaganza. I really like that they had a separate area for the wee ones in an area that fully enclosed and separate from the bigger kids' area.

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto

My kids thoroughly enjoyed the various bouncy castles. They didn't get a chance to try out the jousting but it looked like fun. Two players wearing protective head gear and each stand on separate platforms. Using a suspended inflatable boulder, each opponent tries to knock the other one off. 

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto

Near the bouncy castles, there is a spinning ride with flashing lights. Hard for the kids to ignore, of course. So I gave in and went on the ride with them. Twice. (Oh, the queasiness!) My daughter is over 48" which made her tall enough to accompany my son. Yay! There were only a few other rides where the minimum height was 48".

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto
My son loved this ride.
Wizard World Fun Park Toronto
He loved the train ride, too.

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto
The elephant keeper prepping Limba for a ride.

Elephant rides are also available at Wizard World Fun Park but they will cost you $8 per person. I had never ridden on an elephant before and neither had my kids. I think I sprained a muscle trying to sit myself on top but it was worth it. The elephant is such a majestic animal!

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto
Meet Limba the elephant.
Wizard World Fun Park Toronto
Kids can pet animals from the Bowmanville zoos including alpacas and goats.
Aside from the petting zoo, animal shows, rides and games, there are also video games available which I would imagine will delight the older kids. 

Wizard World Fun Park Toronto

Why does this Fortune Teller remind me of the movie "Big?" It looks nothing like Zoltar.

Of course, it was great to see Lena and her adorable boys there. After enjoying some cotton candy, which cost $5, we decided to call it a morning. I ended up leaving my parking voucher at the machine for someone else to take advantage of.

Tickets for Wizard World are available both online and at the door. An unlimited ride bracelet costs $25 and admission only is $8.75. Kids 2 and under are free (rides not included). Individual ride tickets are available on-site. Family packs are available online:
  • $60 - 2 admission with unlimited ride bracelets and 2 walk in admissions
  • $88 - 4 admission with unlimited ride bracelets
For more information, check out www.wizardworld.ca.

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  1. It was great to see you Diana - the boys had fun, and I'm sure lots of kids are happy to be there for March Break!

    1. I'm sure many kids were considering the weather didn't cooperate much this week. Who wants to play outside in the cold damp rain when you can have endless fun at Wizard World?

  2. OMG this place looks amazing! the kids would love it :)

  3. Amazing pictures. It looks that your kids had a lot of fun there. You have given me a good idea. I will also take my kids there. They will love it. Specially this bouncy castle. They love bouncy castles. I am going to hire one from Urban Games for my elder son's birthday.


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