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L'histoire de Pâques Mini Book #aimlang

Monday, April 15, 2019

L'histoire de Pâques Mini Book #aimlang

For Easter this year, I designed a mini book similar to le petit livret de Noël à illustrer that I made last Christmas. My students seemed to really enjoy adding their own illustrations to the story that I chose to create a similar Easter-themed mini book. I tried to stick with vocabulary that my students are familiar with based on the AIM Language method but I had to introduce some new words. For the illustrations, I used the Apple pencil and the Sketches app on my iPad. They consisted mainly of people and, in order to explore vocabulary relating to emotions and parts of the face, I omitted the facial expressions, or the head entirely. The clipart of the cross and the tomb were both free images I found online.

L'histoire de Pâques Mini Book #aimlang

In class, I use the document camera that I received from IPEVO to read through my finished copy as a whole group. Then I demonstrate how to complete the illustrations while students draw in pencil. Once we've completed all the illustrations, I invite them to trace over their drawings in a thin black marker or pen, erase any pencil marks and then colour everything in. 

L'histoire de Pâques Mini Book #aimlang

If you're interested in downloading a free copy of L'histoire de Pâques, click on the thumbnail above. To learn how to fold it, check out my Mini Book Tutorial

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