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Bonds in Bloom Mother's Day Event at Glama Gal Tween Spa

Sunday, May 18, 2014

"An empowering afternoon to celebrate the bond between us and the most important women in our lives."

Last month, I joined a glamtastic group of bloggers as part of a fun Glama Gal Tween Spa Glambassador program. I had never before been to a Glama Gal spa but really connected with their belief that inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. Plus, I have a tween who loves to get her nails done so it was a perfect fit! For our first experience, my daughter and I were invited to participate in the Bonds in Bloom Mother's Day event at the Toronto location not far from Yorkdale Mall. 

Aside from the glamorous pink, black and white décor, one of the first things I noticed upon entering was the myriad of positive messages that adorned the walls. They focused on being confident, being positive and being yourself. Soon afterwards, we were ushered to our first of five stations - the hairpiece creation station. We were able to choose a headband, a bow or a floral clip and additional bling which a station leader offered to adhere for us using a glue gun. My daughter is a craft-a-holic so this station was right up her alley.

At the next station, we were offered a lavender facial refresher - slices of cucumber for the eyes and a lavender facial spray. My daughter felt a little uncomfortable at the idea of having anything applied to her face. This is not unusual as she will often refuse to wear makeup of any sort. Thus, she politely declined. She was much more excited to get her nails done. And I must say, this next station was simply fabulous! We began by selecting our nail polish colours (yes, they carry Piggy Paint!) and then soaked our hands in a lovely scented rose petal bath. We even had pretty designs painted, too!

Next, we made our way over to an adjoining room with a beautifully set dinner table to enjoy mock-Mimosas and munch on scrumptious Belgian waffles topped with an array of fresh fruit.

The smile on my daughter's face was proof positive that this Bonds in Bloom event was a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day together while strengthening the special bond between the two of us.

At the final station, my daughter filled a keepsake box which she intended to give to her grandmother with motivational messages, special coupons and reasons why she loves her so much. She really put a lot of thought into it.

Before we left, we had our photo taken and were given a hard copy to remind us of our special day together. We were also given a fun Mommy Swag Bag that included bath bombs and a pretty picture frame.

On the whole, the event was very well organized and jam-packed full of fun pampering. It was also a great opportunity to meet Laura, one of the founding sisters, and learn about her sincere desire to have each and every glama gal experience what it is like to be creative, fun, beautiful and confident. My daughter already has her heart set on celebrating her birthday this summer glama gal style. Can you blame her?

Disclosure: I am a Glambassador and receive special perks as part of this affiliation. Any opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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  1. Attended my friend’s party here and was impressed thru & thru with the service, setup, location, decor. It's slick, modern and minimalistic and setup nearly perfect for many events.

  2. There should be similar events for Father's day!

  3. Love this idea! It looks like such a lovely experience.

  4. wow that looks like such a cute set up. Wish there's one close to me

  5. What a wonderful time you had together. Chandra Christine O'Connor


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