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The Yorkville Club in Downtown Toronto

Saturday, August 31, 2013

You know what I love about Toronto? There is no shortage of fitness clubs that offer a variety of yoga classes to suit your practice. As Toronto's premier health club, The Yorkville Club in Hazelton Lanes offers several types of yoga sessions and much more. With spa-like change rooms, private showers, a steam room, a dry sauna and towel service, who could ask for anything more? Complimentary parking? You've got it! State-of-the-art equipment? You bet! Professional child-sitting services? Oh, yeah!

The Yorkville Club Yoga Studio

A few weeks ago, I was extended an opportunity to try out one of the vast selection of fitness classes at TYC. I could choose from Yoga, Hot Yoga, Fitness, Boxing, Cycling, Pilates, and Zumba. My first thought was to try a Zumba class since I love to dance but, having abandoned yoga a couple of years ago, I felt I should give Vinyasa Yoga a try. 

The Yorkville Club Hot Yoga Studio

Without much ado, I needed to invite some friends for our own private session and instantly thought of bringing along my sisters-in-law, Rose (@roseprose) who recently became a yoga instructor and Lucia (@lulula), herself an avid yoga practitioner. They brought along some friends including the ultra-fit way @TooHunky Jason. (Hint: He's the only male in the photo below.)

With the lovely Shannon (@shannonstasyk) guiding us through endless flows of poses and sequences, our Vinyasa yoga session was well-paced and challenging. The room was filled with a synchronic energy as participants linked their ujjayi breath to their movements, all the while our observant instructor making adjustments to our poses. And by our poses, I mean my poses. Which was much appreciated since I haven't attended a formal yoga class in years.

The Yorkville Club Yoga Instructor Shannon Stasyk

At the end of the session, I could feel the muscles in my arms, legs, back and abdomen screaming at me, threatening to make me suffer for having neglected them for so long. And suffer I did. For two days, I could feel the burn and winced each time I lifted an arm to turn on the lights. But it was a good feeling, in a twisted kind of way. I felt like I had awakened my body from a deep slumber and rekindled memories of my pre-pregnancy-belly days. Being smothered by your drooping tummy whilst in a shoulder stand can have that effect, if you know what I mean.

As I walked out of the yoga studio, I longed to sit down in one of the many fancy sitting areas that can be found throughout The Yorkville Club. When I used to live downtown, I almost purchased a membership here but decided to wait until after Baby #1 had arrived. And now, two kids later, I can't help but reconsider a membership, especially now that they have a Kid's Club. 

Members can choose from 2 different options: 10 Kid's Club passes for $75 or Pay-As-You-Go at $10 per session. The Kid's Club is a fun, safe, and stimulating environment run by dedicated and well-trained Early Childhood Educators plan. It's also the ultimate anti-excuse for moms and dads who are trying to balance health and fitness with parenthood. 

On your way out, you can stop by the TYC juice bar for a smoothie, salad, wraps or anything from their all-day breakfast menu. Or you can just chill in their uber groovy lounge and upload a selfie on Instagram via their WiFi. Don't forget to tag @TheYorkvilleClub while you're at it.

For more information on The Yorkville Club, recently acquired by Equinox, an upscale fitness and lifestyle leader, check out

Disclosure: We received complimentary admission to help facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. The studio looks really amazing! Love to have a workout here!

    1. The place really is amazing. And I love that it's in the middle of a shopping mall. ;)

  2. The facilities were so beautiful, I was afraid to touch anything! Shannon was a fantastic instructor: the perfect balance of mind, body and breath. My new favorite gym!

    1. So glad you could join us, Jason! And I agree, Shannon was great.

  3. It looks amazing, I am not from the area so a little too far to travel. But will let some of my friends in the area know about it. (Judy Cowan)

  4. Oh my gosh, that studio is amazing. I wish I lived downtown -- Yoga is my go-to workout!

  5. What a beautiful looking club! I may be tempted to go if there was something like that waiting for me lol


    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  6. Wow! I wish we had access to amazing places and programs such as this. The place looks beautiful!

  7. Yorkville is the best place in all of Ontario to be. No doubt.

  8. What a beautiful club. I would love to work out there. So clean and beautiful.


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