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My Life Monday - Week 7

Monday, June 26, 2006


It has been a while since I've left a post about my dear little Madeleine. Thus, I've chosen to write about her today.

Madeleine is no longer the tiny, inactive and totally dependent babe she once was 11 short months ago. Nope. She's grown a lot (of hair). She's learned a lot. And she's developped into a beautiful, energetic and more independent toddler. She's walking around so carefree. She feeds herself at will. And she loves, I repeat, loves to hang out with other kids. Now, her colourful personality begins to shine! This is what I have been waiting for...

I have been in complete admiration of my little girl these past few weeks. To watch her progress and change right before my eyes is a reward that surpasses any other. We play together and interact together more actively than ever before. I am having the time of my life!

As a sidenote, Maddie has weaned herself. She just decided last week that she had no interest whatsoever to nurse. Which is fine by me, after all the difficulties we experienced in her early months. The only downside is that I have to find other ways to get her to fall asleep. I've tried taking her for a walk in her stroller and rocking her in the recliner. I've even tried just putting her in her crib when she's really tired. She will usually stand up and I'll put her back down until she realizes she needs to stay down. So far, it isn't too bad at night. But her naps during the day require a lot more patience. And it's a good thing, too, that I didn't get rid of the boxes of nursing pads I were given. Man, it's like having a really leaky faucet attached to your chest all day long!

To conclude, I would like to express how thankful I am that God sent this little angel to bless our lives. She is truly a remarkable being who has a tremendously bright future.

I love her more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

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  1. Gahgk! The CUTENESS of that newborn pic especially! All the other pictures I have admired previously... but this last is a new one one me.

  2. She was such a teeny peanut, wasn't she! She's adorable. Don't know what to offer in the way of advice on method is to lay down holding the child until both of us fall asleep! Good luck on that one!

  3. Weaning is hard! She is adorable!

  4. Beautiful post!

    And holy smokes! That kid has some serious hair! My bald little baby is 8 months old and finally starting to have enough that I might think about buying a comb before his first birthday, but that's iffy.

  5. She is just a cutie!

    I'm lucky now with the naps, I can just lay boo down and turn on his mobile and leave the room. It took a while to get to that point after weaning though, so the only advice I can offer is to be persistant and consistant!

  6. Lovely all of it. The post and the picture!

  7. Awww how adorable!


  8. Your honey is beautiful. Good luck with getting her to sleep without nursing, it may take a bit of time!


  9. So tiny! So cute! I have no advice, but my memories before bed as a kid were reading books - maybe that'll help?

  10. What a beautiful picture. I had the same trouble with naps after weaning. At bedtime I'd just keep putting her back down until she figured it out. For naps, sometimes I'd schedule errands just so we could be driving home around nap time. I found using the same music at naps and bedtime helped too.

  11. I'm sure your daughter will love to read this one day!

    Stopping by from the no-Go BlogHer hop.


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