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Mental Madness No. 4

Friday, June 23, 2006


Start with the words SCRAMBLED EGGS and follow the directions carefully to discover a related phrase.
Hint #1: Write out all the letters each time you make a change. If you think you have made a mistake, you can go back and double check the changes.

1. Print the words SCRAMBLED EGGS.
2. Insert FOR between the two words.
3. Change the 2nd vowel from the right to a K.
4. Exchange the 3rd vowel from the right with the first consonant from the left.
5. Replace the 2nd G from the right with an A.
6. Place the B in front of the F.
7. Make the M an F.
8. Change the C to a T.
9. Exchange the 3rd and 6th letters.
10. Place the 2nd F in front of the G.
11. Insert an H in front of the last vowel from the right.
12. Place an O between the 6th and 7th letters.
13. Change the G to an A.
14. Replace the D with a W.
15. Change the L to a T.
16. Move the 7th consonant to the first position.
17. Move the K in front of the 2nd F.
18. Delete the 4th vowel from the right.
19. Move a T to the very end.

Hint #2: The new phrase contains three words.

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  1. What's for Breakfast?

    But I don't know if I win cause I ended up with


    So, I think I messed up. But I guessed from what I got.

    And oh, oh, oh (puts hand up high in the air and wiggles butt in desk) I know what's for breakfast!


    applause, applause.

  2. ohsttrfrw bkr eafast
    That just DOESN'T look right!!
    Maybe I just can't follow directions!! Haha!!

  3. Hmm. I got 'HSTS FROW BREAKFAST' Let me try that again..

  4. Oh my god! I did it, AND I found out where I'd gone wrong.. it was the 4th hint with the exchanging of letters! I got 'whats for breakfast'!!

  5. That was another good one. Too bad I didn't get here first!! Looking forward to next week.

  6. I just came across your site and after a second try got "whats for breakfast" thanks for these they are great to actually use your brain. I will favorite your blog and try again next week.


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