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Hip Hip Hooray!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My baby did it! She actually did it! She started walking! I can't believe it. About a week ago, Madeleine took her first baby steps. I was holding her on the kitchen counter when she spotted something she so desperately needed to grab when lo and behold, her inhibitions temporarily disappeared to make way for an astonishing development. It marked her 10-month-less-a-day birthday and made it the-day-after-Mother's-Day to remember for all eternity. And not only that, she also started crawling earlier that morning! Can you believe it? Two milestones in one day. I got her first crawl on video, since I was home alone but I was very fortunate to share her fabulous first steps with her daddy later that evening. We kept passing her to each other until she got tired and needed to be put down for the night. What a great moment that was! Honestly, I love her so much and couldn't be prouder!

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  1. Now that she's mobile...watch out! As long as your home is baby-proofed you're okay, but if not, then you have a lot to do! I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you!!

  2. I just love her hair! I can't believe she crawled and walked on the same day! That really is amazing!

  3. Would you mind if she calls you Lu?

  4. Those pictures are amazing and I love the new look of your site and the new picture of you two!!

  5. Thanks, Mama D.

    The old look was getting very dreary.

  6. Way to go, Madeleine! What a beautiful little woman you are!

  7. Oh wow! First, she's gorgeous, and second wow! yay for her for being so amazing :)


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