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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Get this: Yesterday, my husband and I went to get tested for food sensitivity at Redpaw Data Services. My sister-in-law had recommended this test since she has been avoiding the foods her body cannot tolerate and she feels so much better now. It turns out that my body cannot tolerate several amounts of food, mainly those high in sugar, including fruit such as banana and strawberry, as well as honey, syrup, etc. and carbs (white potato, white rice). I also found out I should avoid red meat, pork, corn, and cow's milk products. Yowsers! That's a lot of food!

Anyway, I also mentioned to the homeopath that I recently had my gallbladder removed, a surgery which left me longing for some T.M.C.,  and he just nods his head and begins this very interesting hypothesis of his. He believes my body is lacking enzymes, which is really important in the digestive process. So he does this extra test only to discover that his hypothesis is correct. Of the 17 enzymes that the human body should have, my body has but one! ONE! That would explain the pains and discomfort I get from eating/drinking foods that are (a) hard to digest and (b) my body cannot tolerate at present. Then he tells me, contrary to what doctors have been telling me, that the gallbladder is a vital part of the body, that it isn't as useless as is commonly believed. Well thank you very much! Had I visited this clinic before surgery, I can certainly tell you I would have serously re-evaluated my decision. Not only would I have avoided the awful ordeal of being cut open and losing an organ, I also could avoid feeling the way I do right now. There is this constant dull pain in my lower right abdomen, I still can't eat the foods I thought I could eat and I just don't feel 100%. I know it takes a good while to recover from a surgery but I tell you, I just don't feel "right".

About twenty-five years ago, the homeopath predicted that the gallstone pain his then future daughter-in-law was experiencing was due to enzyme deficiency, particularly Lipase. Twenty years later, after she had undergone surgery, she still felt the pain. Only after she had been taking digestive enzymes for a month did she finally begin to feel "normal". I find that very interesting but at the same time it makes me sick to think that I agreed to lose a part of my insides in order to feel "better" when a much simpler solution has been available for decades. And when you think about it, if the gallbladder wasn't important, then why were we born with it? Do you think there might be any chance of them giving me back my gallbladder?

Now that all is said and done, I'm going to do my best to avoid the 100+ foods that my body cannot tolerate. In addition, I'm going to try and implement the regime recommended to women by this homeopath. It includes daily intake of the following three items: 1. cranberry juice 2. omega 3, 6, 9 and 3. probiotics (especially useful in the prevention of yeast infection) which occurs in yogourt but which I cannot eat therefore I will be taking them in capsule form. Now, for me, that's a tall order. But I don't anticipate changing my diet and lifestyle overnight. It is a goal which I will set for myself and I think one month to make the proper adjustments will provide sufficient time. Wish me luck!

And if anyone ever tells you to get your gallbladder removed under the guise of providing you relief from digestive pain, you may want to think it over. Very carefully.

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  1. wow, that was some very interesting information. I think I should look into this :)

  2. I've started going to an herbologist (avoiding doctors as much as possible) for the simple reason that I think that the Lord made things in this world that can help our bodies and modern medicine, as great as it can be, just doesn't use the same things that are natural for our body! I hope your new education about your body helps you out! Feeling lousy is NO fun! *wishing you luck*

  3. meh... I come from a long line of Celiacs so I know about food intolerance. Plus Lactose intolerant, and allergic to tree nuts, sheesh what a party I am.

  4. Very interesting info! I may have to look into this more. But giving up strawberries? Now that hurts.

  5. I wonder if they'd say the same about your appendix. I had mine out in grade twelve and was told "we didn't need it". I also found the concept of being born with something I "didn't need" was odd.

    Good luck with the food adjustments. I love potatoes so I'm not sure what I'd do...

  6. Wow, thank you for that post. I actually had my gall bladder removed at the beginning of this month (under painful circumstances) but I really will look into that..

  7. Oh, Michelle, you did? How did it go? Have you experienced any of the gallstone pain? And how has your recovery been?

  8. I've been fine - it was removed because my gallbladder was churning out gallstones and that caused acute pancreatitis. Haven't had any problems so far. Everyone keeps saying 'at least you don't need a gallbladder' but I've always been a little skeptical about that..

  9. Really glad you posted this. I was actually in the hospital about two months ago because of my gallbladder. Turns out I have gallstones but because I'm pregnant I'm waiting until after I have the baby to have surgery to remove it. I only ever had the one gallbladder attack, so kind of wondering(hoping) if maybe I don't need the surgery..


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