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My Life Monday - Week 3

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Week 3: How I got my name.

Okay, so I haven't got off to a very good start. I missed out on the first two weeks. Plus, I'm a day late. I guess that just leaves room for improvement.

My parents named me Diana.

My mother was really fascinated by British royalty. She named my sister after Queen Elizabeth. Then she named me after Princess Diana. And if I didn't influence her on the choice of my brother's name, he would have been named after Prince Philip. His name is Dennis and didn't appreciate the Dennis the Menace nickname he'd been given as a child. He has me to thank for that!

I like my name. I just can't stand it when people call me Dianne, or Di. I only let a select few call me the latter, namely my husband. I think it suits me. Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon and of hunting. And though I'm not much of a hunter, I've always been fascinated by the moon. Plus, I think the term "Goddess" suits me... As a kid, I always liked the name Rosa. I think that may have something to do with my fascination with red roses.

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  1. You were named after Princess Diana? I didn't realize you were that young! LOL!

  2. My grandmother was obsessed with Princess Di, and cried when she died, as though she knew her personally.

    Diana is a beautiful name, and one of my favorite goddesses! (She's also traditionally a goddess of nature, fertility, and childbirth!)

  3. Get outta town! I didn't know that! Now, I REALLY like my name! Thanks for the info Soleclaw!

    PS. Your nickname, does it have anything to do with coleslaw?

  4. I love your name! Totally sophisticated and all that good stuff. It fits you.

  5. Hey Lucia!

    Well, to be honest, I only like it when YOU say it cause you say it with a certain... je ne sais quoi...

  6. I love your story! After royalty...

    My name means "queenly" and I think that suits me too!


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