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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

For the past few days, I've been waking up feeling a bit ill. I will feel a dull but annoying burning sensation in my stomach as well as some minor heartburn. I know it's due to gallstones. I found out last December. Since the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I've experienced several major attacks that have rendered me useless. Yes, useless. I wouldn't be able to do a thing aside from curling up into a ball or pacing back and forth, hoping that the pain in my chest and in my back wouldn't last 4 hours. Apparently, gallstones are quite common in women who have been pregnant. When I went in for my ultrasound to determine the cause of my pain, the childless nurse made an interesting comment: Pregnancy seems to be rather unhealthy, doesn't it?

I thought about that for a moment, pondered about my own personal experience and made a mental list of arguments in favour of that theory.

#1. Much of your insides get squished together, causing discomfort, lack of breath/appetite, digestive problems, etc.

#2. Your hormones are sent on a roller coaster ride and you can't make heads or tails if you're coming or going.

#3. Your body retains water, your blood pressure rises and you risk cutting off circulation to your lower limbs if you sleep the wrong way.

#4. During labour, you get a huge needle jammed into your spine while trying to stay still amid excruciating contractions. Check that, I had two epidurals. The first one missed. We'll make that point #5.

#6. Your body tears, requiring stitches.

This list could go on but #6 is a strong enough point on its own.

So now I have to add to this list the incapacitating pain of gallstones. Unlike
supermoms who go to work regardless of feeling like they've been hit by a Mack truck, I am quite content with doing nothing. I'd rather curl up under a blanket on the sofa in my pj's with my messy hair and just vegetate. I am certainly not looking forward to the return of my "monthly visitor", that's for sure.

I'm going under the knife, and the laparascope, in about two months time. Until then, I need to avoid raw veggies, corn, beans, fruit with the skin left on, coffee, spicy foods and fatty foods.

People keep asking me when I plan to have another kid. I think they should ask me again after my surgery!

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  1. Hey, hey, hey! Watch who you are calling a supermom!! I have it on good authority that Mama D is certainly NOT one of these so called supermoms if they do indeed exist!

    You forgot to add #7 Vomitting multiple times a day sometimes causing you to loose control of your bladder and pee your pants. Or maybe that was just me.

    Gallstones are evil. Much worse than a mere cold. My mom had gallstones soon after having me. After her surgery I kicked her right in her stitches. Little sh*t. I guess I was only a year old though.

  2. Mama D, please excuse the misnomer.

    Thanks for point #7. I didn't have the misfortune of morning sickness. Lack of bladder control, on the other hand...

  3. I'm having a lot of abdominal pains right now. Which is why I am having a CT done tomorrow. Good luck with surgery!

  4. I hate that "when are you having your next baby" question! It feels like you just had your baby and having a second one is the last thing on your mind!!!

  5. and teeth... I had amazing teeth before I had babies... now I have these sad and crumbly candy corns in my mouth.


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