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My Baby is Getting Her Shots

Monday, March 06, 2006

Well, today is the day my darling, innocent daughter goes under the needle for the third time. It's one of the most difficult moments of my life as mom to bear witness to the pain caused by something that is supposed to be healthy for my little girl. I understand the negative ramifications of choosing not to have my daughter be immunized but there are times when I wonder if it would be best to take a chance by waiting until absolutely necessary (ie. when I have to enroll my daughter in school). As a teacher, I could not help but be a little shocked when parents would bring their kids to school to be enrolled without being fully immunized.
Now, however, I have a better understanding of the pros and cons of immunizing my tiny baby and can't help but cringe everytime I take her into the doctor's office to immunize her from illnesses that I've read about in history books.

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  1. I hate shots too! I always tell Cam that the pain of the shot is far less than the pain of the diseases they are to prevent. It at least helps me to remember they are necessary.

  2. Yes, they are a necessary evil. As soon as she saw the doctor today, she started wailing! Does she associate the doctor with needles already? Geez Louise!

  3. I hate shots! I wish they didn't have to hurt!

  4. tomorrow we go and my middle gets her two year old shots and baby gets her ... whatever, four month old shots? meh.

    all I have to say is that I was misinformed by some uber-crunchies about one of the series of shots... I wish I had checked with my doctor about what I had been told, because now middle has to get a series of shots at age two that they usually begin at birth... I'd rather get a baby her shots than a toddler and I am so MAD!

  5. I wrote about this. I am not vaccinating until later. Email me if you are curious.

  6. There are lots of conversation about it recently, difficult to choose what is right and what is wrong.


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