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Sign with your baby.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

About a month ago, I bought "Sign with your Baby" Complete Learning Kit by Joseph Garcia. It says that you can start to teach your baby signs as early as 6 months and that as early as 7 months your baby could be using those signs. I was so excited about this, being a French teacher and all. I've even studied other languages (Italian and Spanish) and so I'm a strong supporter of teaching languages to kids as early as possible. I was even thinking of eventually going back to work and incorporating sign language into my lessons. Anyhow, it's been about a month and I don't think my daughter has caught on to the three signs I've chosen to start with. I'm curious to hear from any moms or dads that have tried teaching signs to their kids. How long did it take initially? Do you still use them even though your child can now speak? Or are you as curious as I am about how your baby could learn to manipulate his/her hands to communicate precise words?

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  1. We are also working on baby signs with Tommy. He has yet to make any of them.

    But - it really does work. My in-laws are both ASL interpreters, so my husband and his brother both learned to sign before they could speak. My husband was signing at 5 mos, his brother not until he was nearly a year old. I think a lot of it depends on the personality of the child and how interested they are in communicating.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow, Goslyn. 5 months? That's amazing. I'm glad to hear some real-life success stories. I think you're right. It probably has a lot to do with the child's eagerness to communicate and what type of learner they are (ie. I'm a visual learner.)Keep me posted on Tommy's progress. I'd love to hear about his first attempts at signing!

  3. Signing DOES work! My son was very quiet when he was younger and it frustrated both of us to no end when we didn't know what the other wanted. When he was one, he started therapy and the therapists use sign. They started off small, with "want," "drink," and some others. Once he finally picked them up it was amazing! He still uses some of the signs now (he's 5) and I am a firm believer in the whole teaching with actions! It works!


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