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Diaper Survey

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm curious to know which diapers are most popular. I currently buy Pampers and am pondering trying another brand. I've also tried Huggies but still prefer Pampers.

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  1. You visited my blog and I'm so glad that you did! I like Pampers the best, especially the Cruisers. I am cheap though and usually buy Safeway brand diapers unless I can find Pampers cheaper.

  2. I'm quite frugal myself. The only other generic brand I've bought was the Life brand and I was not too pleased. I'm curious, though, to see how other generic brands compare.

  3. If you have a WalMart - I don't know if you do - the White Cloud brand they sell there is very good. Pampers are great, but for the price I prefer White Cloud. I did not get better leak protection with Pampers.

    But, White Cloud is the only "off" brand I've tried that I liked. I also like Luvs, which are cheaper than Pampers.

  4. We do have a Walmart. Thanks for the tip. I'm heading out to buy some diapers today so I think I'll stop off there and pick up some White Cloud or Luvs, or maybe both.


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