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Am I the only one?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I guess I should begin by explaining the reason for my blog.

I've recently experienced many changes in my life. Most have been for the better (but not all). To name a few, I married my husband in 2004; I then moved to Toronto from Hamilton (where I was born and raised); I switched school boards; I'm new to French teaching; I've recently become a proud mother of beautiful baby girl (born July 2005); we just moved in to a newly renovated home in North York. I have welcomed all of these changes with open arms but on the downside, I feel very overwhelmed. Recently turning 28 only adds to my concerns.

There are so many roles a woman can play in this world, from mother and wife to teacher and friend. While I feel confident taking on any one role at any one time, I'm not so sure I can handle so many all at once.

Since I started teaching in 2002, I've always admired those teacher colleagues who worked full-time, coached sports teams, ran after-school clubs then went home, prepared dinner for their husband and kids, took their kids to hockey practice, helped them with their homework, tended to the never-ending list of household chores, and then found time to plan for another day. Special admiration was felt for those who seeked to further themselves by taking additional qualification courses, those who took time out to be a much-needed mentor to me, and those who were experiencing some difficult or stressful times in their personal life. How did they do it?

Now, I'm faced with the looming approach of the end of my maternity leave. I'm slowing settling in to my new home with my dear husband and sweet daughter. I'm trying to keep up with the housework, look after my baby, and learn to cook after many failed attempts. But I miss my family, my friends, my old teaching partners and yes, I miss the simplicity of Hamilton life. I'm very happy where I am in terms of the route my life has taken. Yet, I find it very hard to believe that I will be returning to work in six months and I don't feel as though I have mastered any of the roles I have taken on as of late. Understandably, being a mother and a wife are life-long roles that require continued effort and much trial and error. I just wonder if I can handle going back to work as a full-time teacher.

So here I am, writing my first-ever blog entry. I've looked everywhere for resources that will help me in all areas, resources such as cookbooks, mom shows, literature for new parents and even my friends. But I guess I'm still looking for someone who is in a similar situation as I am with whom I can discuss my everyday worries or switch easy dinner menus or talk about our babies or contemplate how teacher moms seem to do it all.

Is there anyone out there?

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  1. Thanks for linking up your first ever post - you will see there is always something going on over at my blog - hope you make lots of new friends with the various link ups - check back often ... but I will remind you by computermail (just warning you!)

    and now your first evah post has a COMMENT!


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