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French DPA Dance Videos - Jeunes en santé

Thursday, March 31, 2022

 French DPA Dance Videos - Jeunes en santé - Google Slides Hack

The other day, out of sheer luck, I happened across a post in one of the many French teacher Facebook groups to which I belong, where a teacher shared her incredibly extensive YouTube playlist of "Pauses actives en classe". I felt like I had hit the jackpot! Of the videos I have perused, there were a few that became instant favourites and they just so happened to be from the Jeunes en santé YouTube channel. These videos are absolutely fantastic because, not only do they have the instructions for each of the steps in French, but many of their videos use French songs. 

Google Slides Hack

Did you know that you can easily by-pass ads by inserting YouTube videos into Google Slides? You can do so by selecting Insert > Video and then either searching for the YouTube video or pasting the direct link. For my favourite Jeunes en santé videos, I prefaced each one with the list of steps to review before each video. Have a look here:

I also set up each video to play automatically once I advance to those slides while in presentation mode. The other benefit of inserting videos directly into Google Slides is that you can publish the slide deck and then embed it into your Google Site (or blog!) so that students can watch from home without being bombarded by ads or distracted by any unrelate videos that may appear under suggested videos on the right panel.

If you'd like to grab a copy of this French DPA slide deck, click here to have a copy made for you.

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