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Getting Ready for Back to School? #ThinkSTAPLES!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Staples Back to School - Teacher Aids and Classroom Essentials
Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Staples, and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

🎶  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  🎶

I kid you not. Back to school season has always been an exciting time for me ever since I was a kid. There's a certain je ne sais quoi about shopping for a fresh batch of school supplies and gearing up for a new school year. As an elementary school teacher, Staples has been my go-to shop for back to school essentials for the past 16 years. Whether it be a fresh set of stickers, marking pens and sticky notes, computer paper and printer ink, or refills for my labelling machine, I know I can count on Staples to carry just what I need. Plus, I love that I can earn Air Miles Reward Miles and enjoy special savings during Staples Teacher Appreciation days.

Staples Back to School - Supplies - #ThinkStaples

One of the items that seems to always make its way onto my shopping list is a new set of pens. As a travelling teacher who teaches à la carte, I tend to forget my pens, among other things, as I rush off to my next class. This year, I'll be using Candy Pop! PaperMate Flair felt tip pens. This is a limited edition set filled with bright, hard-to-miss colours but, just in case I leave them behind in any of my classrooms, I'm going to be labelling them with my new personalized labels by Oliver's Labels

Staples Back to School - PaperMate Flair Felt Tip Pens

For jotting down notes of inspiration and ideas, I'll be using a limited edition Hilroy Exercise Book that comes in a sleek black in celebration of Hilroy's 100th anniversary. 

Staples Back to School - Hilroy Excerise Book 100 Years

And to store my day plans, I'll be using a trendy floral Avery binder. This year marks the third annual #AveryGivesBack campaign and, in partnership with the Pinball Clemons Foundation, young change maker Hannah Alper and multiple school board associations across Canada, Avery will be donating one to a student in need for every binder purchased. C'est super, n'est-ce pas?

Staples Back to School - Avery Gives Back - Binders

It's hard to pick a favourite but I really love their "Oh là là" design for its warm, colourful floral accents on a turquoise background that really makes it pop.

Staples Back to School - Avery Gives Back - Pocket Folders

I have a feeling this year's Avery designs will be a huge hit with teens and tweens given that you can find coordinating binders, pocket folders and dividers. Très chic!

Staples Back to School - Avery Gives Back

Oh, and did you know that Staples carries some pretty cool STEM toys? My son already has a Parrot drone but I'm incredibly tempted to buy him a Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot during Staples Teacher Appreciation Days. Our school has ordered a few of these for the upcoming school year and I really want to test it out to see how I can incorporate more coding and problem solving opportunities in the classroom. Oh, and I guess I'd let my son play with it, too...

Staples Back to School - STEM EdTech Toys

When it comes to back-to-school shopping for my kids, I have to say it is quite handy to be able to find all the school supplies they need in one location. In addition to affordable options for everyday consumables, I can always count on our neighbourhood Staples to carry a wide selection of backpacks and lunch bags. This year, they have so many cute prints such as their "Tasty Treats" designs featuring cherries, pineapples and avocados, "Furry Friends" featuring sharks, sloths and flamingos, and "Adventures in the Galaxy" themed prints. One of my favourites is this eyes pattern 16" backpack.

Staples Back to School - Eyes Pattern Backpack

For my little guy, we will be stocking his pencil case with a set of PaperMate Handwriting Mechanical Pencils. Printing is probably one of his least favourite things and I've noticed he is very hard on his pencils. He applies a lot of pressure when he writes so these #2 HB lead pencils will be perfect for him. Plus, the triangular shape will help guide his finger placement and will prevent his pencils from rolling off his desk.

Staples Back to School - PaperMate Handwriting Mechanical Pencils

And, because he loves playing with slime as he walks to school, we will be making a fresh batch of slime using Elmer's glue. Did you know you can now buy glow in the dark glue? It's the coolest thing! It comes in pink, blue and natural. We already made a batch and love how it glows. However, it's also sparkly and we found that some of the sparkles would end up on our hands. Which reminds me... I need to add hand soap to my Staples shopping list!

Staples Back to School - Elmer's Glow in the Dark Glue

My daughter is pretty much set for back to school. She has been ready for about four weeks now. Seriously, she would rather spend the summer at school. Recently, she purchased grade 9 math and science workbooks to keep her busy. (She's going into grade 8!) She spent the past year looking into options for high school and now she is talking about university. Whoah! (Read in a "Joey from Blossom" voice.) 

Staples Back to School - Student Living

When we visited a downtown Staples last month, she was so in love with the Student Living model room, she insisted on giving her own room a makeover. While I declined her request to repaint her room, I already know that, when we do, we will be looking to for inspiration.  

Staples Back to School - Student Living

In particular, I want to take advantage of Staples' print services and order some personalized canvas prints to match her theme of choice. I feel like this pastel balloon print was the perfect inspiration for the model room, I might just have to snatch this idea.

Staples Back to School - Student Living - Canvas Print

We have about four weeks left until school starts back up but we are pretty well stocked up. I plan on waiting until Staples Teacher Appreciation Days to pick up a few more teacher supplies for myself, such as Avery Magnet Sheets so I can make some more magnetic words for my French classes. In the meantime, it's good to know that I can always order top-ups online and pick them up in store two hours later. 

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  1. Hah I can totally here the jingle in my head reading this :)

    I have to say - I always LOVED buying BTS supplies; but I hate the idea of BTS as I am a summer-aholic!

    1. I know! It's a bitter-sweet time. If only we could have summer-like weather until the end of the year, then two months of winter, and then spring. I'd be cool with that!

  2. I love shopping for back to school supplies, I miss it now though since my girls all have their own families now, so I just stock up what hubby and I need now

  3. I don't mind shopping for School supplies,but sadly I don't want to see Summer go!

  4. We love Staples! First place we go for supplies is always Staples! Thanks

    Anne Taylor

  5. I love back to school shopping and after the heat we've had this summer, I won't be too sad for the cooler weather either! Staples always has so many unique items I can't find anywhere else. I love that black Hilroy notebook!

  6. Seriously you can find so many wicked things at Staples! I love the binders and matching dividers that go with it. I honestly wouldnt even know which one to go with i love all the cool designs

  7. I don't mind Back to School shopping, I just hate getting used to the back to school routine of packing lunches :(

  8. I love Staples - it has everything I need in terms of school and office supplies.

  9. Thanks for telling us about all the cool things we can get at Staples

  10. What a great selection of products!

  11. I love Staples, they are always guaranteed to have stuff in stock when other stores run out, like duotangs and always have enough colors to get what the school wants. I didn't know they had those robots and the glow in the dark glue looks awesome!

  12. I'm definitely in need of a trip here to pick up more office supplies!

    1. Same here! My electric pencil sharpener stopped working...


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