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The UGO Wallet App Adds Gift Card Functionality

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

You know, I'm all about convenience. 'Bout convenience. No trouble.

As many of you can relate, life is hectic enough as it is. I am constantly on the go, shuffling the kids off to school, rushing to work, picking the kids up at daycare, scrambling to get dinner on the table, cleaning, laundry washing, tucking kids into bed. Repeat. But whenever I have an evening free from chauffeuring my children to girl guide meetings, soccer practice, dance class or tennis lessons, I like to unwind and replenish with a healthy dose of vitamin S - Shopping! And of course, I never go shopping without my trusted friend. Meet Wallet. UGO Wallet.

UGO Wallet Mobile App - Add Gift Card

UGO Wallet is a digital wallet for your smartphone that can be accessed through a free mobile app. It allows you to easily store and use loyalty cards and credit cards, and now boasts a great new feature - the ability to store and redeem gift cards. This spells good news for people like me who hate being tied down to their wallet which seems to always be overflowing with a mishmash of ID cards, credit cards, loyalty cards and those ever elusive gift cards. I cannot tell you how many times I've cleaned out my wallet to find a bunch of old gift cards with an unused balance that I had completely forgotten about.  

UGO Wallet Mobile AppUGO Wallet Mobile App

With the UGO Wallet app, I was able to store all of my existing gift cards so I can easily find them later when I go shopping. The clear advantage here is that I can use up the entire balance of these gift cards, thus maximizing my spending potential. Because really, am I going to spend 5 minutes at the register sifting through all my cards in the hopes that I find the one I'm looking for? Nope. I got rid of my card holder months ago when I traded it in for my UGO Wallet. Now I just need to tap on the "hamburger" icon on the top left of the UGO Wallet to access a drop down and click on "Gift" to see all of my available gift cards. And with the holiday season in our midst, that collection of gift cards will surely grow. The only difference is, this year, they will finally be used up.

UGO Wallet Mobile App - Winners Gift Card

Don't forget, UGO Wallet is not only a great solution for storing and using gift cards that are often forgotten or misplaced, you can also store all your loyalty cards and make quick, secure payments using participating credit cards on compatible Android and Blackberry phones. This means you no longer have to scramble for your wallet while at the register, nor will you miss out on potential savings and rewards that can be earned through loyalty programs. 

As if de-cluttering your wallet and simplifying in-store payments wasn't enough of a bonus, you can now back up your UGO Wallet to the UGO cloud so you can save your cards and use the new "restore" feature if ever you change devices. Thank you, UGO!

To learn more, visit and visit the UGO Wallet YouTube channel for "How-to" videos that offer step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and use all of these handy UGO Wallet features.

Disclosure: I am participating in a UGO Wallet influencer campaign and have received special perks as part of this affiliation. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. So many apps for so many diff things now. We will need so much more storage lol

    1. More virtual storage, yes. But less purse storage!

  2. This is a great app. but I think I'm lazy so far I have one card loaded and still have a whole lot more to do, and it's not hard to do just take a

    1. Yes, I set aside an afternoon to upload all my cards.

  3. awesome that you can do so much more with this app. About time I decluttered my wallet

    1. It's definitely an added bonus that I can upload my gift cards where I will never forget them.

  4. I'm all about convenience as well. Great app.
    (Debbie W)


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