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Sweet Memories Caught on Video

Monday, March 02, 2015

As much as I love taking photos of the kids, I realize that I haven't taken many videos of them lately. I used to record them all the time. Yesterday, I happened across this video I had taken of my son four years ago. He was only two and he wanted to read me the story "Wait and See" by Robert Munsch. I had read it to him several times before and I had just celebrated my 33rd birthday a few weeks prior so the birthday song must have been fresh in his mind. I can't get enough of this video, he is so darn cute! He might not actually be reading the words on the page but he is using the pictures to guide his own story. All I cared about was that he was having such a fun time reading. You can also hear my daughter reading "There Was an Old Woman" in the background. This is one of those videos that I will treasure forever.

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  1. Great video! I have to admit that I rarely take videos, I just don't stop to think of it. Instead of just taking pictures I am going to have to remember to hit the video function from time to time. (Judy Cowan)

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  2. LOVE this! I try to take videos all of the time of my boys. It's so much easier now since I have an iPhone. When my first son was born, I used the Flipp camera.

  3. What a sweet video :) That;s the beauty of smart phones these days - it's so easy to capture special moments like this :)

  4. Awwww that's so sweet. I love Robert Munsch books, it's always so much fun

  5. I find that sometimes I go for months without taking video and even photos of the kids if I don't consciously remind myself.

  6. So adorable! I love taking videos because I like watching them over and over and also showing them to family and friends. Videos are treasures!

  7. This is so cute!

  8. This is adorable. Sweet memories!

  9. 2 yr olds are amazing! I've got one here :)

    I've been trying to get into the habit of getting a video every day. Or other day. Even if it's just a few seconds.....sometimes it's tough.

    He's a cutie btw.

  10. My little youngest will be 2 at the end of this month. I videotape him all of the time. He's adorable. I want him to stay small a little while longer. I'm not ready to loose my baby yet. :(

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