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Make Your Own Dimoitou Hand Puppet

Monday, November 10, 2014

When my daughter was in nursery school, I remember her teacher sending home a teddy bear one weekend along with a journal to record our activities together. It was such a great idea and we really enjoyed reading the journal entries recorded by other families that this year I am going to try something similar in my French class. Our grade one program is Dimoitou and it includes a cute puppet that the students adore. I thought about sending the puppet home with the kids but seeing as it is irreplaceable and for fear of having it misplaced or ruined, I decided to make a simpler version instead. Using felt, I made my first ever hand puppet.

Handmade Dimoitou Hand Puppet

After sketching out a rough design, I used green, red, yellow and black felt to cut out the body, mouth, eyes and nose. Then came the hard part: sewing all the pieces together. I don't own a sewing machine so I resorted to the needle-and-thread method. You know, the one where I prick myself at least once twice thrice. While my stitching technique could use much improvement, I feel the Dimoitou puppet turned out just fine. 

Dimoitou Hand Puppet - Dimoitou chez nous

I am putting together three sets of Dimoitou chez nous take-home bags, one for each of my grade 1 classes, which will contain a Dimoitou puppet, a Dimoitou chez nous journal, a pencil, a pack of pencil crayons to illustrate an activity, a book to read, a contents checklist and instructions for the parents as well as a vocabulary reference sheet should they want to attempt writing out a sentence. I am hopeful that students will be enthusiastic in sharing what they are learning with their families while caring for Dimoitou. If you'd like to make your own Dimoitou puppet, I have included my template for you below. (Click on the thumbnail to download a PDF copy.)

Dimoitou Hand Puppet

If you plan on purchasing materials at Michael's, remember to use their store coupon for 40% off one regular price item. I also showed my OCT membership card to enjoy an additional 15% off my entire purchase. You gotta love teacher discounts!

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  1. I love that you are doing take home bags thats very sweet. and the puppet looks great

  2. What a cute puppet! I love making things like this for and with my grandkids.

  3. You did a great job on the puppet. I am sure your students will have fun sharing the take home kits with their families. Fun learning! (Judy Cowan)

  4. My son would LOVE this! We are really into puppets in our home. So cool

  5. cute puppet to play with the grandkids!!

  6. I haven't made a puppet in years, since my boy's elementary school days...
    We're not familiar with Dimoitou, but my girl would love the puppet :)

    The template seems fairly simple, thanks for sharing!

  7. That is adorable! thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks amazing, not sure if our little one wants to play with it, but to cheer up the cousin for sure.

  9. Most people love hand made things and I am one of them, I am going to make some sock puppets with the grandkids next weekend. I am using up my old odd socks

  10. Cute and so easy to make.

  11. That's really cute!


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