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Announcing the Birth of Walmart's Baby Registry!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Growing up with a gazillion cousins, I attended a lot of bridal showers, weddings and subsequent baby showers. I remember thinking to myself how I just couldn't wait to get married, build a family of my own and finally be showered with baby gifts and well wishes. It had nothing to do with that silly little bonnet made of bows that I would get to wear or watching family and friends attempt to guess the circumference of my belly. It had more to do with the special celebration of a miraculous bundle of joy and sharing the anticipation with loved ones. And perhaps it had a little to do with feeling spoiled, I'll admit. I recall how everyone would fuss over mom-to-be, oohing and ahhing over the cutest baby gifts and tiniest outfits. I also remember how many women of the older generation would marvel over the innovative Diaper Genie. Oh, how I wanted a Diaper Genie!

Unfortunately, I never had a baby shower, except for the unexpected party my dear colleagues threw for me at work. While I am truly grateful for their kindness and generosity, I still longed for a baby shower with my family and friends. Was it selfish of me to yearn for the excitement inherent in planning for baby's arrival and creating a baby registry? Maybe so. But perhaps I should have signed up for a registry anyway. It sure would have come in handy when people asked us what they should buy for our kids for Christmas or for their first birthday. Plus, it could have helped them find the perfect gift in their price range. I know I always found gift registries so helpful. It was gratifying to know we would be getting something for the parents-to-be that they would actually need and that they could also remember us by. There are so many great gift ideas available that it is rather useful to have a list of items on a registry to help narrow down our selection.


Announcing the birth of Walmart's Baby Registry!

To help Canadians get ready for a new baby on the way, Walmart Canada recently launched its new baby registry on Featuring a large assortment of baby products from diapers and bath supplies to car seats and strollers, Walmart offers more than 1,500 online exclusives to help you find every little thing for a very big moment. And registering for a baby registry is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Create a registry and give it a name.
  2. Add anything and everything you need to your baby registry.
  3. Share your baby registry with family and friends.
And if having access to thousand of must-have baby items wasn't enough, signing up for a Walmart Baby Registry comes with additional benefits:
  • More brands that parents trust are now available at, such as Child of Mine by Carter's, Mamas and Papas, Medela, and Tommee Tippee to name a few.
  • Save money with everyday low prices. Even if items go on Rollback or Clearance, their prices will be updated.
  • Enjoy stress-free returns.
  • Set up, view and edit your registry on-the-go with the mobile-friendly option.
  • Take advantage of free standard shipping, with no minimum purchase. (Excludes some remote markets.)

Plus, don't forget you have access to the Baby Resource Centre where you will find expert advice, helpful tips and relevant articles on topics, from how to throw a baby shower to buying a car seat and more.

Bonus! A friend of mine just signed up and received a special offer from Walmart -  a free one-year digital subscription to Today's Parent!

So if you're still on the fence about starting a baby registry, take it from me: you will always wish you had.

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  1. amazing! to bad they didnt have a registry when i had my two girls but maybe if i have a boy the third time around :)

    1. Are you expecting or just thinking ahead? Because if you end up having a boy, I think it would be a great idea to have a registry even if you don't have a shower. It would be perfect for baby's first birthday, Christmas or for "welcome baby" gift ideas, too!

  2. My youngest daughter is expecting in March so this has come at a perfect time for her!

  3. I wish this was available when I was pregnant with my first son. LOVE Walmart's prices and variety of baby stuff.

  4. I did have a registry for my oldest. Some people have a shower for every kid they have. We don't do that in our family. It's just for the first kid.

    You asked how old my students are? They are 1st year college students.

  5. Awesome! Walmart has such great bargains, loads of ppl will be taking advantage of this program!

  6. This is great my oldest daughter is due in Dec. and is having her baby shower in Nov. I told her about this and she jumped right on it, I think she is up to 50 items already!!

  7. sounds like a great idea especially if family is spread across the country.

  8. This will come in handy with all the new grand babies coming along in our family!

  9. This is really great news, as we have Walmart just around the corner and my friend is due mid December.

  10. This is so great! I have a couple of baby showers coming up and will suggest this!

  11. I am glad companies offer this service - it limits duplicates and avoids the awkward telling people what you want.

  12. This is awesome. I love Walmart and it's great how they are expanding


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