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Master Lock Portable Security

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Okay, ladies. Time to empty your purse and take inventory. How many personal items would cause you undue stress if they were ever stolen or go missing? Credit cards, IDs, car keys, house keys, money? The number one item on my list would be my cell phone. It is my life. I use it to tweet, take family photos, navigate, schedule, email, text message, listen to music, read ebooks, watch Netflix, shop,... Get the picture? No? Let me put it this way: my cell phone is like an additional appendage that I cannot live without. Period. Whenever I have a temporary loss of memory and can't remember whether I left it in a public washroom or in my car, I experience heart palpitations. My sanity aside, you have to agree with me that no one would ever want to lose their cell phone, let alone other valuables and personal items that we carry with us on a daily basis. For peace of mind, I needed a solution for security on the go. And this summer, I found just what I needed - a Master Lock Portable SafeSpace.

Master Lock Portable SafeSpace 5900D storage


Your life. Your stuff. Protect it.

During the summer, the kids often wanted to go swimming at the local community pool. One of the reasons I would dread going is the simple fact that, when I remove my glasses, I can't see very well. If I am alone with the kids, I have to be close by them at all times in order to see them clearly, which makes it difficult to keep an eye on my personal belongings poolside. Next to having my cell phone stolen or accidentally kicked into the pool, my biggest fear is that someone steps on my glasses and crushes the lenses. Luckily, Master Lock sent me their Portable SafeSpace 5900D to help keep my valuables safe and out of harms way.

Master Lock Portable SafeSpace 5900D durable case

The durable water-resistant construction is the perfect solution for my portable security needs. It is also lightweight and has plenty of room for MP3 players, glasses, keys, credit cards, passport, and even my new LGG3 smart phone.
Master Lock Portable SafeSpace 5900D combination

The Master Lock SafeSpace is also great for people who may suffer from PIN-code overload like I do because you can set your own combination.

Master Lock Portable SafeSpace 5900D cable

It also includes a heavy duty cable that can be released and secured around a stationary object.

Master Lock Portable SafeSpace 5900D cable

Or you can use it as carrying handle. Whether you use it during recreation, on campus, at the office or while traveling, rest assured you will have security on the go. Thanks, Master Lock!

Disclosure: I received product to help facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. This would come in handy! Also love that you can set your own combination. I think this would make a good gift for my hubby for Christmas! (Judy Cowan)

  2. oh i could definitely use this! what a clever idea. my husband and i could totally use one of these

  3. We have a couple of Master Lock products in our home! These look great!

  4. Now this is a great idea! I want one.

  5. That is a cool little safe and it sure would come in handy at the public pool, thanks for sharing such a great product

  6. I've been looking to get something like this and you've helped me narrow down what I'm thinking of! Thank you!


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