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Teacher Supplies from Staples

Sunday, October 26, 2014

One of the things I like most about starting off a new school year is having fresh teacher supplies on hand. I even find back-to-school shopping for my children a real thrill. Call me crazy but I was one of those kids who cried in June when school was over and couldn't wait for it to start back up again in September. While my perspective has changed slightly (yes, I'm already counting down to Christmas vacation), I still harbour that same excitement for back-to-school season. I didn't hesitate for instant, of course, when Staples offered to send me on a little shopping spree last month. Fresh new teacher supplies plus Air Miles Rewards Miles? What's not to love?

Teaching à la carte has its challenges and, even though I have reorganized my mini teacher cart, I find I'm still leaving things behind in some of the classrooms. Sometimes I just lose them altogether. One item I cannot have enough of are heavy duty magnets, kind of like the ones above. I also carry plenty of paper clips in various sizes and Staples carries a really nice variety.

As a French teacher, I am always on the lookout for FSL resources or supplies. Staples has carried sets of Canadian French-English cards, which I had purchased last year, but I was happy to see that they carry des instruments de gestion de classe (classroom management tools) such as des horaires magnétiques (magnetic schedules). These would be great in a French Immersion classroom. 

In the end, I ended up picking up a bunch of generic stickers, a super cute apple Post-It note dispenser and some colour ink for my HP Envy All-in-One printer. The ink seems to be what I run out of most given that I make so many of my own flash cards at home. I also picked up some Elmers Sticky Out which is great for removing crayon, labels, most glues, tape and rubber cement, which has proven to be quite difficult to remove from my office walls. Oh, and I picked up one of my favourite Swiffer products - Swiffer Dusters. Every September, my office needs a good cleaning after all the dust that has accumulated during the summer months.

Even though I could have selfishly used the gift card to buy myself my own set of headphones, I decided to take the more prudent approach and buy some useful teacher supplies. Last year, Staples was so kind to send me a pair of these awesome Sony headphones and I wanted to keep them for myself, since I can't stand using ear buds. But I knew my husband spends a lot more time listening to podcasts and such on his smartphone that I decided to use it as a gift from the kids on Father's Day. Honestly, I was secretly hoping he'd prefer his own ear buds over the headphones but my kids have since laid claim to these headphones anyway. Ha! It's a good thing they have an early bedtime...

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  1. my daughter has a part time job there so if she needs anything for school she gets a discount

    1. Such a smart girl, getting a job at Staples! Why didn't I think of that?

  2. We go to Staples for everything related to the office or school! I think I need to get a job there too! lol

  3. I love going to staples when I can't find what I'm looking for, they will usually have it!

  4. Wonderful! I hope to teach one day and buy lovely supplies for the classroom. The dusters are so important.

  5. I just love Staples. I can always find everything I'm looking for there.

  6. There is a Staples right by my house, I really need to go on there and check it out this weekend!

  7. I love that Staples has a nice selection of electronics

  8. Staples has so many awesome supplies, our favourite one stop shop

  9. I would love to give my son's teacher a GC to Stapes for Christmas.

  10. I never think of Staples for back to school deals -- maybe I need to start!

  11. Great buys can be had at Staples


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