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Kaylyn Kyle Shares Advice, Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Athletes

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

As a mother of two and teacher of many, I fully appreciate the value of having children partake in sports and regular physical activity. Both my son and daughter have participated on soccer teams over the past few years and enjoy other activities such as skating, riding a bike, and much more. They have as a role model their very own father who was an avid soccer player in his youth and who continues to instil a love of the game by volunteering as their soccer coach. Olympic and Pan Am Games medalist, and member of the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team Kaylyn Kyle grew up with a special role model of her own who understands what it takes to be a successful athlete. Watch this video to find out who she looked up to most while growing up and what advice she shares for young aspiring athletes. 

Having worn glasses since the age of five, Kaylyn knows how frustrating it can be to focus on performance while wearing glasses that would slip and cause her to be distracted. The fear of having a ball hit her in the face didn't help matters much. In grade 8, she made the switch to contact lenses to eliminate her worry and provide her with an unobstructed peripheral vision that helps her performance on the field. This is why she has partnered up with Bausch + Lomb and eye care professional Dr. Dana Blakolmer to develop a Focus on Performance Training Guide for parents, available at www.soflens.ca.

In this guide, Kaylyn shares tips for parents to help their own children focus on performance. This includes pre-game tips and tricks for getting mentally and physically prepared, how to remain focused during the game and important cool down routines and post-game snacks. The training guide also includes a Focus on Performance Package mail-in rebate offer. Enjoy free trial lenses, a $35 exam fee rebate, direct shipping to your home and a $100 product rebate on SofLens® daily disposable contact lenses.

For all those who entered to win a Bausch + Lomb prize pack here on Toronto Teacher Mom, here is the lucky winner: Andrew Pham

Thank you to all who entered and a special thank you goes out to Bausch + Lomb for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

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  1. Very inspiring tips! And, congrats to Andrew!

  2. She's a true inspiration!! Congratulations to you Andrew!

  3. She definitely is inspiring! Congratulations Andrew on your win, great prize! (Judy Cowan)

  4. what an inspirational young woman! Congrats to Andrew!

    Anne Taylor

  5. Great tips for young athletes!

  6. She's a great role model.


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