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Mysteriously Yours: The Fine Art of Murder Mystery Dinner

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Toronto is a busy city with plenty to see and do during the day. It also boasts a bustling nightlife that offers a myriad of fun-filled and delectable ways to spend an evening with friends. Last year, I discovered how entertaining it is to participate in a murder mystery dinner when I joined the likes of Sue Polyester, Regis Fildin, Joan Rivets, Lindsay Lohest, Gary Boozy and Madame Gaga for their Apprentice to Murder dinner theatre at Mysteriously Yours. The food was tasty and the hilarity endless.

Last fall, actress Birgitte Solem and producer Brian Caws, along with the remaining cast, worked on a new script that had Sherlock Holmes smoking his pipe and solving yet another puzzling mystery. I love Sherlocke Holmes, especially the Robert Downey Jr. variety. So when I was extended a VIP invitation, I couldn't resist.

While the humour wasn't nearly as consistent as in Apprentice to Murder, the show was entertaining nonetheless. Perhaps I had set my hopes too high based on my experience at The Fine Art of Murder, a veritable knee-slapper of a show. Regardless, I take my hat off to Brigitte and the talented cast: Danny Wengle, Pierre Alain Trudel, Ian Ronnigen, Barb Scheffler and Kristen Corvers. You stumped me this time!

The menu was killer with guests at our table raving about the Vegan Coconut Curried Vegetable Stew. I opted for a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, walnuts and creamy Stilton vinaigrette followed by roasted chicken breast in a creamy smoked paprika sauce with dry sherry, mushrooms and vegetables over pappardelle noodles. The chicken was delicious but I did not particularly care for the creamy vinaigrette on my spinach.

And even though I incorrectly identified the murderer, I still got my just desserts: a sublime chocolate brownie served with Bailey's Irish Cream chocolate ganache and whipped cream. It was to die for!

Now playing at Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre: Once Upon a Murder - a fairytale murder mystery that will have you questioning whether they all live happily ever after. It's the perfect excuse to rent a Victorian ball gown now, don't you think?

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