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MomThrive Conference 2013 Promo Code

Friday, February 08, 2013

Today I am sharing with you this very important public service announcement. Though this isn't just any old PSA. This one is intended for moms of all ages across the continent. Trust me, it is definitely worth a read. You're welcome!

Who: Moms, ALL moms, including aunties, grandmas, stepmoms, adoptive moms and all women in a mothering role across North America are welcome at MomThrive. Plans are currently underway for the first MomThrive USA conference.

When: Thursday, April 4 - Saturday, April 6, 2013 

Why: MomThrive is a two-day, three-night girls' weekend away, solely focused on the overall health, wellness, support, personal growth and happiness of moms with a very special emphasis on self care and “Me Time.” Enjoy the fun of a mini getaway with helpful support sessions led by expert speakers on topics including life balance, parenting, style, and many more, intended to inspire, encourage and energize. These speakers will include my dear friends Shelagh Cummins, Lara Galloway and Laurel Crossley along with Devan McGuinness, Julia Rosien, Kathy Buckworth and Julie Cole among others. And what girl’s weekend would be complete without a party? (Or, rather, several parties?) They're all part of the package, too. Last but not least, there will be pampering; something moms never get enough of, such as sleeping in, which you'll have a chance to do on the first day!

Cost: The current Early Bird price is $240 per ticket or $220 per ticket for groups of two or more. BUT I have a special promo code you can use that will save you $48 for single tickets or $68 if you bring a friend. Simply enter promo code DIANA on the Mom Thrive registration page to enjoy your additional 20% savings. Just remember, these prices won't last forever. Early bird ticket sales will close on February 28, 2013.

Why MomThrive?
MomThrive was created because we know you need, crave and deserve time for self care, but might not be sure if it’s even attainable. We believe that it is, and we want you to have it. It’s not selfish. It’s not inconsiderate.  Taking “Me time” is a basic need that helps us relax, de-stress, slow down and really LIVE. A happier you means a happier family, that that is our ultimate goal.

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