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Free Download: Un album de famille - Dédicace

Monday, January 21, 2013

In my grade 4 class, we are at the point of compiling the final task in the unit "Souvenirs de ma famille." Students will create a family album which will include key elements such as a cover page, dedication, a diagramme of their extended family and a poem entitled, "J'aime ma famille." Most of the students have completed their poem with an illustration and are now working on the cover page. 

The teacher manual includes a one-page dedication but I wanted to cut back on photocopying and reduce paper consumption. The copywright date also begins with 19 which is a tad outdated. So I decided to make my own in a smaller size in order to fit two on a single letter-size page.

Using some frames in the clipart library, I made four variations that students can choose from. You can lighten the tone using the appropriate setting on the photocopier so that students can colour the frames. I have also created an even smaller, simpler version that fits six on one-page.

You can download any of these printables by clicking on the thumbnails above which I have uploaded to Google docs. From there, you can print directly from the site or click on File and Download to save a copy to your computer.

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