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Holiday Shopping Challenge at Walmart

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A few weeks ago, I set out on a challenge to buy some items on my holiday to-do list at Walmart's Etobicoke store. With a $100 gift card in hand, I made it my mission to find a couple of Christmas presents for the kiddies, a fresh stash of wrapping paper and perhaps a couple of scrapbooking items for little ol' me. I joined a group of local bloggers as we were given a tour of the store and as soon as it was over, I made a bee-line for the toy section. Top on my list was a purple Furby for my daughter. I couldn't have been luckier. There were only two left - one in pink and yes! One in purple! AND they were on sale to boot! The list price is about $70 but I found them at Walmart for $52.77. My husband had been bugging me to get one sooner because he thought they would sell out for sure. On, I noticed that their selection of Furby is currently out of stock. Boy, am I glad I found one in-store!

As I made my way through the toy aisles looking for gift ideas, I happened across the Leap Frog Touch Magic Learning Bus along with a number of other Leap Frog toys that would be perfect for my one-year-old niece.

In the middle of one major aisle I noticed this large display of Finding Nemo movies on DVD and Blu-ray. It has recently been released in 3D so you sea it again in a whole new dimension. I also came across some board games and couldn't resist picking up the game of Perfection. It was one of my childhood favourites. And do you remember Head-to-Head Perfection? And Super Perfection? Man, how I wish I had kept those games.

In the Electronics department, I found a Skylanders toy for my nephew but it was hard to narrow it down to just one. They had a huge selection to choose from. I then proceeded to the Seasonal department and found an incredibly expansive array of wrapping paper. I ended up with a coordinating set of paper, ribbon and bows. 

Before proceeding to the checkout, I just had to check out the scrapbooking aisle. I was hoping to see some Martha Stewart products but couldn't really find any. And their selection of Cricut products was very slim, too. I guess that's a good thing, though, since I would have likely gone way over my budget. I did, however, stock up on some Zig two-way glue pens. I use them with practically every handmade greeting card I make.

Finally at checkout, I was pleased to have only slightly exceeded my budget of $100. And while I was happy to head home after a long day of work and shopping, it was really nice to see some old blogging buddies, especially Little Miss Kate and her super adorable newborn. All in all, it was a successful shopping trip at Walmart with some great deals and product selection.

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card to help facilitate this shopping challenge. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Walmart is the go-to place for affordable presents!


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