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Mama's Got a New Pair of Shoes!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about A Working Mom's Fashion Woes and how I wasn't looking forward to going back to work simply because I was bored with my plain ol' wardrobe. As a French teacher, I would love to wear smart-looking clothes that me look all professional but sometimes I would much rather wear my Lululemon gear and runners. You see, on any given day, I walk up and down a flight of stairs dozens of times and back and forth between ten different classrooms, my office, the staff room... you get the picture. I spend most of my work day on my feet so by the time I get home from work, they are crying for some TLC. This, my friends, is the very reason why I want to climb to a rooftop and scream, "Mama's got a new pair of shoes!"

#MILFF (from left to right): Robin @shopwithrobin, Stephanie @sassymodernmom,
Karina @karinatano, Lena @listen2lena, Shelagh @biztrainher, Tammi @mychaos

Earlier this month, I attended my first ever BlogHer conference in the grand city of New York. One night, I went to a party hosted by @HollyPavlika of Mom-entum. It was a lot of fun not only because I got to hang with some of my blogging besties (see photo above) but also because I was challenged to a dancing duel for a chance to win a pair of shoes from Chromatic Gallerie. And of course, I danced my derrière off. And won!

Chromatic Gallerie Royal Flush - Retail for $88

They had several pairs of their Royal Flush suede shoes on hand to try on but they didn't have my size. I did discover, however, that their shoes come in a wide width and later, while checking out their site, I was impressed to find a huge selection of colours as well as shoes in leather. The best part is that you can choose your preferred heel height (two, three and, coming soon, four inches). Also, shipping is free and you can return shoes that don't fit for free as well.

Special thanks to Holly and the Chromatic Gang!

Wanting to add a splash of colour to my work wardrobe, I went a little 'crazy' and ordered a pair of Crimson Tied to You 3-inch shoes in leather in a size 7.5 wide and crossed my fingers that I had ordered the right size. Within six days of placing my order, they arrived and they did indeed fit! Not only that, they felt comfortable and came with half soles that made them a perfect fit. They also came with an extra pair of replaceable heel tips, which I'd never seen before. But the best part is, not only will I be walking the halls with comfy shoes, I will be strutting with pride in my flashy new red shoes. Just what the doctor ordered to spice up my wardrobe.

Disclosure: I was under no obligation at all to write this post. I am simply sharing how thrilled I am about having a new pair of comfy work shoes that fit and that will add some much-needed pizzazz to my wardrobe. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Those are so perfect for fall. Congrats on the win!!

  2. I just got a pair of sapphire ones and I am IN LOVE with them! It was worth every single boogy shake!

    1. I'll dance my derrière off with you anytime, chiquita!

  3. Congratulations! They're lovely. Feel fabulous wearing them.

  4. How on earth did I miss this post") Loved spending time with you and being introduced to these fab shoes!!
    PS I need to borrow a copy of that picture!

    1. LOL Gosh, it seems like such a long time ago. I totally want to go back to New York for some sight seeing.

      I'll be sending you a copy of that pic shortly!


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