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Back to School With Reebok ZigTech, ZigLite and RealFlex Shoes for Kids

Friday, August 24, 2012

At a recent "lunch and learn" event hosted by Reebok, parents and their kids gathered at School Restaurant in Toronto to try out the newest ZigTech and RealFlex kids' collections by Reebok. With fitness expert Jason Martin on hand, we learned some of the main reasons why kids should be physically active, most of which I am sure we have all heard before. He did, however, mention something that caught my attention. I am not too sure of the scientific reasoning behind it, but he claims that, if you engage in intellectual activity shortly after physical activity, the synapses in your brain are more apt to work together. So, exercise of the physical kind followed by exercise of the mental variety makes your brain work better? Hmm, I'm beginning to rethink the way I begin my French classes...

Fitness expert, Jason Martin

With every form of exercise, proper clothing and footwear are crucial to optimizing your performance. Where young children are concerned, quality footwear is particularly important. I learned this when I worked in a kids' shoe store a little over a decade ago. To this day, I still recall some of the key features of children's footwear that you should look out for. A shoe that is breathable and lightweight, has the proper arch and ankle support and a shoe that bends easily where the foot naturally flexes are examples of such features that I had been trained to highlight when parents inquired about "the right shoe."

While at the event, I watched as the kids played a game of "Jason Says" and noted that both the ZigTech and RealFlex runners provided ample flexibility and good ankle support. Reebok RealFlex kids’ footwear was actually designed with natural motion of the foot in mind. Using unique technology of 76 independent sensors built into the bottom of the shoe, these runners help feet move and flex naturally during all sorts of activities. 

The Reebok ZigTech sole, in its own unique design, provides both vertical and horizontal support, and the heel has been developed to offer traction as kids run. ZigTech kids’ footwear is "designed to reduce wear and tear in key leg muscles while offering a comfortable fit for athletes of all ages."

Both my children were given a pair of ZigTech shoes and they have been using them for the past few days without any complaint. After the event, my daughter ran back to our Jeep claiming that they made her run faster! Don't all new shoes make kids feel that way?

The streamlined and ultra-lightweight ZigLite technology features the original ZigTech sole, which has been re-engineered to provide a lighter, sleeker running shoe. The new dual density construction is not only extremely lightweight and ultra-responsive, but it also offers the benefits of the original ZigTech sole, including increased energy return and comfortable cushioning.

Both styles of shoe come in a variety of bold colours. And mom and dad can sport matching Reebok shoes, too! For the younger lot, there are shoes with laces as well as those with velcro, which I recommend if your child is in school and still hasn't learned how to tie shoes. If you're a working parent like me who is often the one taking the kids to school or dropping them off at daycare, winter mornings are much less painful when they can put on their own shoes.


I remember listening to Christopher Clementoni, Reebok Brand Marketing Representative, and hearing him mention that Reebok is the only brand that uses the same materials and technology in kids' shoes as they do in adult shoes. This would explain the high cost of their kids' shoes. With toddler shoes that cost $64.99 and grade school sizes that cost a whopping $84.99, Reebok isn't joking around when it comes to providing children with a quality shoe. While I often pay more than I would care to admit for my children's shoes, I would not want to skimp out on proper support and structural quality where my kids' growing feet are concerned. Keep an eye out for sales, though. Just today I noticed in the Sport Chek flyer that they have a Buy One, Get One 50% off deal on their shoes.

Disclosure: My children and I were invited to attend a Reebok lunch and learn event where they each received a pair of shoes. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. oh,I was so hoping this was a giveaway,when I clicked son wants a pair of zigzags so bad!! :)

  2. love the shoes....thanks for sharing :)

  3. My child is fixated on Zigtech and when they did not have his size he was not a happy camper, needless to say we went to school with last years indoors. OUCH


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