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GLAD Odour Guard Compostable Bags

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you know that kitchen organic material makes up approximately 30% of our garbage? Kitchen organics refers to food waste but also includes used tissues and paper towels. By recycling theses organics, we can convert it into compost and help divert it from landfill. Thanks to tiny microorganisms, the waste is eaten to produce carbon dioxide, water and humus, resulting in a natural fertilizer that has been proven by organic gardeners to have several benefits. It can restore soil fertility, help retain ground moisture, control weeds and reduce soil erosion. This is one of the reasons I recycle kitchen organics at home.

Another reason I recycle kitchen organics is to reduce the amount of garbage that gets thrown out. We chose a medium sized garbage bin when we moved to our new house as a reminder that we need to limit waste and to also reduce costs for utility fees related to garbage removal. The one major problem I have experienced is finding sturdy bags that are designed with compost in mind. You know, the kind that won't tear and leave a nasty mess at the bottom of your kitchen waste bin (yuck). So when I was offered a chance to sample the new GLAD Compostable Bags with Odour Guard, I jumped at the opportunity. I received a whole bunch of bags to try out and share, and they came in a big box that I am reusing as a toy box.


When I first opened the box, I instantly thought of sharing the compostable bags with my mother-in-law, who actually has one of those black compost bins in her backyard, and my own mother, who often resorts to using paper flour bags and the like. I even gave away a bunch at work and was happy that our teacher-librarian, who is always promoting green habits, was one of the lucky random winners. (We have over 40 members on staff!) She also graciously donated her winnings so that we could use them in the staff room. That's how much she loves our planet. 


At home, I have been using the GLAD Compostable Bags with Odour Guard and one of the things I like best, aside from the obvious 100% compostable factor, is that they are very sturdy which has pretty much eliminated tears and subsequent leaks. The small bags fit my square-shaped bin and all I need to do is tie a little knot so it fits securely. The Odour Guard is a neat feature as it seems to help contain the nasty smells that can be released in the air every time you lift the lid. I find we are regularly disposing of the waste into the larger bin stored in the garage so for the most part, the smells rarely build up to that stage. It also has a 'fresh clean scent' which is actually a bit of a turn-off when mixed with food odours. My sense of smell has become fairly acute since having kids so I would prefer scent-free. While the Odour Guard feature is nice to have, it is not a huge selling factor for me. The sturdy quality that I have come to expect of GLAD products is why I would buy them, and of course, when they're on sale since they cost a bit more than I'm willing to pay A pack of 20 costs $5.99 at my local grocery store, so each bag costs about $0.30.


GLAD Compostable Bags with Odour Guard has recently won a 2012 Best New Product Award in the Environmentally Friendly Household Products Category, as voted by over 53, 000 Canadians. You can visit for more information on their line of products.

So tell me. 
Do you recycle kitchen waste?

Disclosure: I am participating in the GLAD Odour Guard Compostable sampling program. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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  1. I definitely do. I am religious about recycling everything possible at home and taking items I can't throw into my bluebox (ie plastic bags) to places I can recycle.

    I would love to start composting, but being in an apartment... not so sure..

    1. That's wonderful! I know living in an apartment makes it difficult to compost. Does your building have pick-up for kitchen waste?

    2. Unfortunately, no.
      My parents compost, so I could save what I have and take it to their home after. I am just not sure about the smells composting may create - I am interested in trying the bags you mentioned to see if they could alleviate that problem!

  2. I have been composting for years because growing up, my family always did. Must say, I am glad for the green bin as the animals raiding our composter got to be a bit much. I too use paper bags as I figure it is even more recycling. They do get a bit messy sometimes but it means we dump them in the green bin that much sooner.


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