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Hasbro Holiday Preview 2011 - Preschool Edition

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Earlier last month, my kids and I attended the Hasbro Holiday Preview event held at the Edelman office in downtown Toronto. It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we went to our first Hasbro preview event. The first one I felt ran very well and this year it was even better. The toys and games were spread out in three different rooms and Hasbro brought in product specialists to help show us all the neat new features that are coming out this year. And right off the bat, we were greeted by the one and only Mrs. Potato Head.

Mrs. Potato Head

Let me tell you how much fun this event was. When else do you get to try out dozens upon dozens of the latest and greatest toys and games? I had so many questions and loved learning all about them that I cannot possibly share it all in one post. So for this first one, I'm going to focus on a few toys geared towards preschool children.

Mr. Potato Head
(PLAYSKOOL - Ages 2 years & up - ARP: $9.99)
Did you hear that the spud spouses have had an extreme “bake-over?” The revamped style features new legs with pants and comes complete with eleven mix and match accessories to complement these slimmer, trimmer taters. All parts and pieces are compatible with existing MR. POTATO HEAD figure bodies. I find his new feet make him a lot more sturdy than before and my kids like the new look. The one thing I noticed, however, is that the hatch at the back won't open unless you take the feet off. Here's a photo comparison of the two versions:

Mr Potato Head Comparison
(PLAYSKOOL - Ages 2 years & up - ARP: $5.99)

Of all the preschool toys we played with, my kids spent a lot of time testing out the Playskool Elefun Busy Ball Popper.

(PLAYSKOOL - Ages 9 months & up - ARP: $39.99)

With unpredictable ball popping fun, this toy is sure to be hit. Drop the five colourful balls into the character’s ears, and they could pop out the trunk or roll into the belly for a giggling good time. The elephant’s trunk rotates 360 degrees so you can control the ball popping action. Features ten poppin’ droppin’ tunes. Requires four "D" batteries, not included. I can totally see this providing countless hours of fun for the wee ones. Heck, my kids loved it!

Now, if you have an Elmo fan in your house, check out Let's Rock Elmo. He comes with his very own microphone and two instruments – a tambourine and a drum set. Children can choose which instrument Elmo plays, and he magically recognizes which one it is. Kids can also play along on Elmo’s instruments since they’re perfectly sized for little hands.

Elmo also interacts with other LET’S ROCK instruments (each sold separately) such as a guitar, a keyboard or a microphone. The LET’S ROCK ELMO toy sings six rockin’ songs, 'cause Elmo likes to rock 'n roll, baby! (Requires six “AA” batteries, included.) Geared towards toddlers 18+, it's a little costly with a $79.99 price tag.

(PLAYSKOOL -Ages 18 months & up - ARP: $39.99)
The 2011 Sesame Street product line is chock-full of really fun toys for preschoolers. For example, the SESAME STREET PLAYSET features all of the major icons from the show including Hooper’s Store, 123 Stoop, Big Bird’s nest, Oscar’s can, a cute, chunky Elmo and Cookie Monster figures and a fun “slidewalk” where Oscar might pop out of his can.


One of the preschool toys that instantly caught my son's attention was the TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS RACE ALONG CHUCK Vehicle. We have a number of the Tonka trucks and we love them for their durability. And Race Along Chuck seems just as durable. Your preschooler can play six active and fun racing games, including tag and red light/green light, with the press of the cab lights. It features working red and green lights, says over 50 upbeat phrases, and inspires preschoolers to chase along as he races. Requires four "C" batteries, included. ARP: $49.99.

(PLAYSKOOL - Ages 3 years & up - ARP: $49.99)

Finally, I wanted to feature this really neat TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS FIRE STATION PRIME Playset. It was just another one of those toys that my son could have played with all morning. The set looks like a standard firehouse equipped with fire pole, ladder, and training tower, but when the call comes in, the station façade converts into OPTIMUS PRIME robot’s face, complete with lights and sounds.

Simply turn the dial to reveal all of the gear TRANSFORMERS need to save the day, and HEATWAVE THE FIRE-BOT vehicle rolls out to help the humans fight the fires. The playset also folds up for quick and easy storage and transport, which is my favourite feature. Includes HEATWAVE THE FIRE- BOT vehicle, one human fire rescue hero figure, and story book. Requires three “AAA” batteries, included. This playset is really neat but I just find it funny that your typical preschooler probably hasn't even seen the movie Transformers yet!

While I have only featured a few of the latest preschool toys set to hit store shelves this fall, you'll be happy to know that there will also be new items for Play Doh, Weebles, Alphie and Wheel Pals too. Stay tuned for the Boys Edition where I will feature some of this year's must-haves, including a really cool product line set to launch this August which your little builders are just going to LOVE!

Hasbro Toys for Girls

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Hasbro Holiday Preview Event and received some samples to help facilitate this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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