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Gnomeo and Juliet Movie Review and a Free Family Day Event

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm sure that by now most of you have heard and maybe even seen the movie Gnomeo and Juliet. It has been in theatres for a little over a week and my daughter and I have already seen it twice! We first watched the movie during an advance screening and in 3D courtesy of eOne Films. The second time was during a birthday Both my daughter, 5, and my son, 2, sat in their seats captivated by the visual effects, musical numbers, and action scenes.

Gnomeo and Juliet is a wonderfully hilarious retelling of a classic Shakespearean tale of two star-crossed lovers who's relationship is doomed to fail due to a long history of family feuding. Only they are not your typical families. They are gnome families donning two completely different coloured hats. And they don't even know the real reason behind their quarrel. All they know, and all they've been brought up to believe, is that the Reds and the Blues will forever be bitter enemies. Next-door enemies, to be precise. Their individual gardens, and permanent place of residence, share a borderline, making their encounters numerous and unavoidable. Whenever Gnomeo (James McAvoy) meets Thybalt (Jason Stathm), brutal competition ensues. From lawnmower races in the alley to stealthy garden attacks, the two families are at a constant war, always out to "kick some grass." (Quoted from Gnomeo and read with a British accent.)

Alongside the storyline of colour clashing, there exists a budding romance between Gnomeo and Juliet who manage to find love on neutral territory. Their relationship blooms into a powerful and forbidden bond that plucks at the heartstrings of viewers both young and old. The torment felt by Gnomeo and Juliet (Emily Blunt) is soon replaced with hope thanks to the introduction of the funny and yet, wise Featherstone the Flamingo (Jim Cummings). The three unite and vow to turn an abandoned garden into their new home. But their dreams are overshadowed by the hate that exists between their families, each of whom seek the ultimate revenge and the results of which are devastating.

On the whole, Gnomeo and Juliet provides delightful entertainment for children with comedy, action, romance and drama. But its appeal reaches to parents as well. The movie is replete with subtle humour that mostly older children and adults will understand. For instance, I could not help but smile to myself when the view of a solitary banana zooms out to reveal that it is actually the logo on a laptop belonging to the female owner of the blue garden. Her screensaver also instilled laughter amongst those adults who recognized the floating head as belonging to none other than David Hasselhoff. The humour throughout the film is rampant as each gnome has his or her own funny characteristics such as Juliet's father Lord Redbrick (Michael Caine) who constantly confuses the meaning of words, or the gnome sporting a g-string bathing suit who hops along singing, "Tengo un bonito par de coconuts!" There are so many other instances of comedic relief that I am grateful for the second opportunity to watch the film with my daughter and her friends. They all cheered at the end of the movie and left the theatre with smiles on their faces.

If your children have yet to see the movie and you plan on being in the Toronto area this Family Day, eOne Films invite you to join in a free screening of Gnomeo and Juliet and an exciting opportunity. By registering online, you will have the opportunity to join others in the hopes of breaking the Guiness World Record of the largest gathering of people dressed as gnomes! Everyone will begin to gather at 8:30 on Monday, February 21 at the AMC at Yonge and Dundas. The world record will be broken at 9:45 and the screening will begin at 10 am. Seating is limited so RSVP and arrive early. For full costume requirements and to RSVP, click here.

And if you can't make it to the screening, I will be posting a giveaway for a Gnomeo and Juliet prize which includes complimentary passes. Stay tuned!

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