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Bingemans FunworX and Their First Ever eNight

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I attended the first ever Bingemans eNight, and boy, was it fun! This exclusive event saw many bloggers, tweeps and Facebook users unite as their kids enjoyed all the wonderful attractions that can be found at Bingemans FunworX Indoor Playground. From rock climbing to a ropes course, a three-level play structure and their crazy Ballocity, there was plenty to keep the kids entertained while moms and dads looked on, capturing it all on camera or tweeting the night away.

Bingemans eNight 2011
Tweeps and bloggers unite.
After a long drive from Toronto and an erroneous detour, we arrived at Bingemans FunworX and grabbed a quick bite of pizza before my daughter dragged me to the playground. This is probably one of the best indoor playgrounds I have been to yet. The main feature called Ballocity can be found in a central location and is full of thousands of foam balls that you can use to fill a tipping bucket overhead or feed the explosive Ballcano.

Bingemans eNight 2011

Of course, I had to test out the numerous slides. Just to make sure they were safe. Right?
Bingemans eNight 2011
This steep slide is only accessible from the third level. Fun!
Regretfully, I didn't bring my runners with me so I couldn't tackle the wall climbing apparatus. But I have added it to my bucket list. I will one day own that wall. The Ropes Course looked like lots of fun, too. You are secured in an overhead tracking system and walk across a network of ropes two stories in the air. Man, that would have been an adventure.
Bingemans eNight 2011
Notice the Ropes Course in upper right of this photo.
In addition, FunworX has an arcade and a glow-in-the-dark mini golf, which we had completely forgotten about. But the highlight of the eNight would have to be meeting the lovely Bingeman's staff and connecting with other moms and dads. It was great to see @CynthiaCrumb and @JackiYo again. And even Deborah of IronKids Gummies vitamins (@KidsGummyMum) was there, too. As always, it was so nice to bump into Diane and Lisa @Those2Girls who, along with IronKids, Bre Creative and Grand River Shows, co-sponsored the event. I even got to chill with the one and only @CocktailDeeva, who now has a regular feature on the Steven and Chris show. And I can't forget the lovely Wendy @MapsGirl and her husband @BigDaddyKreativ who's two girls we first met last year during a meet-and-greet with Dora the Explorer. They had so much fun playing together at Bingemans!

Bingemans eNight 2011
Bingemans eNight 2011
Bingemans eNight 2011

It was also great to meet Erica @BassGiraffe and to shake hands with The Beat Breakfast radio host Carlos Benevides from 91.5 FM.

I almost forgot to include the video taken by Bingemans during the eNight. I know, I look and sound funny, don't I? Ha ha!

Passes for playground use only cost $8.95 per child and $3.95 or free with paid admission for children under 2. And if you book a FunworX Birthday Party Package, you can save 10% with promotional code "Share". If you plan on joining the Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday, May 8th, 2011, use promotional code "family" to save 10% off admission, too. For more information on Bingemans FunworX, visit or follow the Bingemans FunworX fan page on Facebook.

I would like to extend a big thank you to Carolyn Marsh and Breann Cram who coordinated such a successful event!

Disclosure: The thoughts expressed in the post are my own honest opinions.

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  1. It was a great night . . .everyone at Bingemans did a great job and it was so nice seeing everyone . . in between pee breaks, ropes course and pizza stops !!

  2. Thanks, Wendy! Yeah, that's up for debate! LOL

  3. Great pics!! I'm not sure who had more fun that night...the kids or the parents?!?

  4. Of course, lots to do and plenty of people to catch up with. We should have more nights like this one, for sure!


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