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June is Almost Over!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am excited to announce that I have finished. Finished what? you might ask. I have finished report cards! Here in Canada, we have school until June 30 this year. The last day is actually a PA Day (professional activity day) so it will just be the staff tying up loose ends and storing their belongings. While I'm excited to be officially in vacation mode and have days at home with my two darlings to look forward to, I still get a little sad as the end of June approaches. Teachers start taking down artwork and charts. They begin packing up for a move here or there and the kids start emptying their desks. I walk down the halls that were once bright and cheery, full of talented pieces of work and now those same halls are bare and even a little gloomy. I don't remember a year where I have never felt sad about the school year coming to an end. Even as a child, I would feel sad about not being able to see all my classmates and teachers for two months, and some even for good. As much as I have had some hard days and difficult situations to deal with during this school year, I know there will be a tear or two to choke back as I say good-bye to my students this summer. Yes, I'll see them again. In September. But that seems so very far away.

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