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Ready and Able to Label

Monday, December 29, 2008

I recently ordered some name labels for my daughter through Oliver's Labels and was so excited to open the package when it arrived earlier than expected last week. I first heard of these labels through one of the moms at my daughter's preschool, who also heard about them from a friend. The neat thing about them is that you can opt to having a tracking code printed on them so that if the item is ever lost and then found, the person who finds it can enter the code using the free lost-and-found tracking system. Then I also found out that you can be an agent for them as well and since I liked the idea so much (since it offered this tracking system unlike other label companies), I thought, "Why not?" I've managed to get one sale under my belt but I, by no means, anticipate any sort of real income from this. I just thought I'd try it out. I was also offered to try out Pampered Chef but I can barely cook, so why would I even think of promoting that? Besides, I would feel too uncomfortable pushing products on my friends and family. In any case, I had to try the product for myself and so far so good. I've already used a bag tag (on her school bag), shoe labels (on her boots and ice skates) and a regular label (on her helmet). They seem quite durable but better still, my daughter loves them! Now I'm ready and able to label like crazy!

On a side note, I'm working on a new blog called Baby Product News and Reviews with the main purpose of helping parents decide which products they want to buy for their own children. Of course, I have already (shamelessly) posted an entry about Oliver's Labels because I happen to really like their product. And I think it's only logical to write about products I have tried out for myself. In the future, I'm hoping enough people will read my new blog and leave their own reviews and comments on baby and kid products so that new parents can have some sort of a guide, the kind I wish I had before I spent loads of money on things I thought I needed.

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  1. Hello Toronto Teacher Mom,
    So glad you are enjoying your labels from Oliver's Labels. I want to send you a sample of our brand new labels called Stick-eez. Send me an email so that we can connect.
    Thanks again!
    Marketing Manager at Oliver's Labels


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