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Christmas Chaos

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Like most people, I look forward to the Christmas holidays and the excitement it brings. Now more than ever my daughter better understands what it's about and for the first time is eagerly anticipating the 25th. She received an early Christmas gift of a Playmobil Advent calendar and wakes up every morning so excited to open up a new box. (It's such a neat idea!)

In the meantime, I'm crazily trying to care for two kids (what seems like on my own) and prepare for the Christmas festivities. I was doing pretty well, having bought the majority of the children's gifts long ago, but I still have plenty of family members to buy gifts for and there's not much time left. There are so many other things that have to be done and I am feeling extremely stressed, so much so that I have regretfully lost my patience with the kids on a couple of occasions. Isn't that terrible? Through no fault of their own, I have blown up under the pressure of Christmas preparations and other household duties, etc. This is not what the holidays are all about. It's about family and friends, peace and joy, and Baby Jesus, is it not? I must remind myself not to get too caught up in the commercial frenzy that has become of the Christmas season.

I'd rather immerse myself in the memories of my family, and my children and the happiness that they bring to my life...

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