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Did you miss me? Huh? Did you?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On Monday, I took on my first supply teaching assignment and I survived. I survived the dozens of flights of stairs I had to climb. I survived the 1-hour drive home through rush-hour traffic. And I survived the tremendous discomfort of the shoes I once wore a couple of years ago.

When I arrived at my mother-in-law's to pick up my darling baby, who I had missed so much, my husband was already there. He told to me to call out to her before I entered the room to see if she would recognize my voice and react ecstatically, as she normally does. So I called out her name. She barely flinched. I called to her once more. Still, very little reaction. I entered the room and greeted her with a huge smile. That caught her attention for a second, then she turned back to her toys. To my utter disbelief, she didn't miss me. I was dying to see her all day long and worried that she would be missing her mother but I was apparently mistaken.

Until I picked her up. Then Madeleine went nuts! Nuts, I tell ya! She was slap-happy and grinning from ear to ear. Now that's more like it!

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  1. Audrey was like that too the first time I came home from work. She was all "What you weren't here?" She loves everyone who takes care of her so much she didn't seem to notice. But that's a good thing. It means it's not as hard on me to leave. Now when I come home she smiles and shakes her head. Then if I leave the room to put stuff away or go to the bathroom, she cries. Her dad has to carry her around everywhere I go until we get into bed for the bedtime feed. Glad to hear you survived. I knew you would!

  2. I'm glad you survived! I'm glad that she took well to your return to work, I hope it makes it that much easier on you!

  3. As they get older, they will get more excited. Cam lights up when I pick him up these days. He crawls right over and just reaches for me. It's so cute!


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