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Precious Moment: Finger Foods

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Madeleine has been enjoying her jars of organic pureed fruits and veggies, as well as her organic barley, rice and oatmeal cereals. But lately, she has not shown much of an appetite for her favourite foods. I know it is because of her teething. It is just a bit worriesome sometimes when it appears that she is not eating as much as she used to. The other day I noticed her pincer grip. She has begun to pick up smaller objects with her forefinger and thumb and guide them precariously to her wide open mouth. I recall having read somewhere that when a baby has mastered the pincer grip, that it was an indication that you could feed them finger foods like Cheerios. I didn't have any O's on hand so I tried breaking some rice rusks into small pieces and placed them on her tray. Happily, she was able to pick them up and place them in her mouth. At least, some of the time. At other times, they simply bounced off her chin and settled into the seat of her high chair or on the floor. She's getting better at it, though. It is amazing to watch her grow into a more independent being and to watch her stuff her whole hand into her mouth to make sure the food gets in there. I love seeing her poke the rice cracker into her mouth, chomp down on it, and push it to the side of her mouth with either her tongue or her finger. I am captivated by her innocent exploration of the palate and by the satisfaction she gets from feeding herself. I never want to forget this feeling of pride as I watch my baby grow and experience her world. There is still an immeasurable amount of things for Madeleine to savour but I already miss bearing witness to her learning and comprehension. Can I relive these moments? Please?

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  1. these moments really are the best! I get excited and sad at every step they take toward eventually out-moding me.

  2. This same thing has happened with Tommy. Since getting teeth, he is loathe to eat "baby" food (pureed stuff) and much prefers finger food. The only problem is that he can't eat enough finger food to make up the difference. So we're back to making him eat rice cereal and giving finger food as a reward for eating his cereal.

    Good luck.

  3. How cute! Just wait until she tries the spoon and fork!


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