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Five Hundred Days Ago...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Five hundred days ago, I was able to put on my new beige corduroy pants and actually do up the zipper and button. I did not have to suck in my gut nor did I fear tearing them at the seams if I sat down. When I found out I was pregnant, one thought that ran through my mind was, "Will I ever fit into these new clothes?" Granted, I did accidentally shrink a number of my dress shirts so I had many doubts that wearing them ever again would be little more than just a dream.

Before I headed out to run some errands this morning, I contemplated squeezing my rolls into those corduroy pants and measuring how far up I could zip them. To my astonishment and utter bewilderment, they fit. I mean, I could actually zip them and button them, and do so with ease. Mind you, they were a bit snug and my jelly belly did overhang slightly, but they fit! Hurrah! Finally, a pair of pre-pregnancy pants that doesn't cling to my cellulite like Saran wrap!

It boggles my mind that after the first month or two of rapid weight loss, I have not been able to shed a single one of those residual pregnancy pounds. My baby has just turned 8 months and over 50% of my weight gain still haunts me. But not today. Today I can wear my old pants that feel brand new. Today I can walk around and experience a hint of the slenderness I once enjoyed. It really made my day. I was walking around with an extra hop in my step and the occasional glance in the full-length mirror. I completed all of my errands, came back home and took out the six-pack of root beer I purchased to celebrate the blissful occasion. Then I was brought back to reality as I dropped a can directly on the tip of my big toe. I guess that was some sort of a sign signalling the need to refrain from ingesting sugary foods. Or maybe it wasn't...

I'm looking into some local Yoga classes.

I've missed you, Yoga. I'll be back soon!

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  1. Yay for the little steps! I wouldn't know what it's like to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes, but it sounds VERY rewarding! :D

  2. It's weird, I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (well, most of them) but they just don't fit the same way. My belly is still there and I just can't imagine crunches making it go away. I'm hoping time will. But those stretch marks, I think I'm stuck with them.

  3. I could fit into prepregnancy clothes right away, but only because I am super fat to start with. Now I need to work on losing more weight. I need to get motivated!

  4. Congrats on being able to fit your pre-pregnancy clothes! I can fit my pre-preggy pants, but I just can't sit down in them just yet!

    If you do the yoga classes, enjoy it. Not only is it good for your body it is also very relaxing. Or at least I find it to be!

  5. mmmm... at four months here... I MAY be comfortably fitting into my prepreg jeans by 8 months... now if I could just fit into my pre-first-preggy's!!

    that would take some hardcore dieting and workout.

  6. I know exactly how good that feels. Congratulations! I can get back in my "skinny" pre-preg jeans, but they are super tight.

  7. It was so reassuring to read your post. I'm at 6 months and so sad because the weight is just not coming off. I thought I remembered losing it quicker last time.

    Congrats to you, though!!!!


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