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Try Something New for 30 Days

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Downward facing dog - Active for Life #AfL30Days challenge - #AfLFamily

For the past few weeks, families have been taking on the Active for Life 30-day family physical literacy challenge. This challenge is for anyone who wants to be more active with the family and who want to help their child develop physical literacy. For each of the 30 days, Active for Life will post a suggestion for an easy activity on Facebook that will help your child develop physical literacy but is also enjoyable for the grown-ups in the house as well.

As an Active for Life Role Model, I was invited to share some photos of our family's activities so, of course, I decided to share snapshots of an impromptu family yoga session. However, I wasn't prepared for how awesome my kids would be at getting their yoga on since we don't do family yoga nearly enough. Their downward-facing dog in honour of National Puppy Day was a good start. Then... but then...

Lifted lotus - Active for Life #AfL30Days challenge - #AfLFamily

I don't know how he does it but he manages to get into lifted lotus without even thinking. It's like kids are naturals when it comes to yoga. I keep remembering how easily both my kids were able to do the downward dog as toddlers, even touching the tops of their heads to the ground. Or when I used to check up on them while they were sleeping and find them lying on their back in warrior pose. It's like, somehow, their bodies know. But when they get older, they forget what they are capable of. This is why I love this 30-day challenge so much because it gives us a chance to exercise the muscle memory while having fun together, as a family. I shared some of our photos on Instagram and they just so happen to be some of the most popular photos I've ever shared. Here's my daughter, a dancer in training, sharing her y-stand:

To see the rest of the photos, head on over to my Instragram feed @torontomom. For more information on how you can participate in the #AfL30Days challenge, visit

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  1. Hubby and i started doing yoga for seniors in early Sept. and we love it.I have the same blue mat but i sure can't do those moves.

  2. Kids are so limber and poseable, to bad we can't stay like that the rest of our lives, I was thinking of starting to do some yoga to see if it would help with my aches!

  3. This sounds like a great challenge! I love this idea!

  4. It's amazing how flexible kids are!

  5. I love a good challemge and will try some new yoga poses.Thanks for the awesome post.

  6. I love a good challemge and will try some new yoga poses.Thanks for the awesome post.

  7. WOW! Those photos are amazing. I would love to try something new for 30 days. I'm a runner but I would love to bike with my boys. :)

  8. I get so angry when I see these kids that are so over weight. You see their parents at the grocery store with a cart full of junk food and at home they have the latest gaming systems. I taught my kids from birth to take daily walks. They love to eat fresh out of the garden. y 15yr. old is more aware than me now of balancing diet. We make our own creams,deodorants ect.

  9. Both my grandkids have started yoga and they love it,good for the body and soul!

  10. There are some great ideas here! Something to consider with the New Year coming up soon.


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