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G Suite Tools for FSL - OMLTA 2017

Sunday, April 02, 2017

This year at the Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association spring conference, I had the pleasure of sharing some G Suite for Education tools that could be used in the FSL classroom. While many of the tools I shared were geared towards Google Docs, tools such as Explore, Read&Write, French Conjugation, and Easy Accents, I also shared a French version of the HyperDocs template, how I've used the Screencastify extension with Google Slides, a fun "Build Your Own Snowman" activity from ControlAltAchieve.com, and how I converted videos, Quizlets and other websites that I had bookmarked in Google Chrome into a Symbaloo web mix that I share with my students.

During the workshop, a couple of really good questions were raised by the attendees. When first installing the French Conjugation Chrome extension, which I recommend as a free alternative to the Bescherelle, attendees were unable to see the "Exercice" feature where students can test themselves on verb tenses and modes.

Luckily, someone quickly figured out that, by right clicking on the Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.43.59 AM.png extension icon next to the omnibox, you can access Options and will need to select "3 Colonnes".

Once selected, you will then be able to access the "Exercice" feature. You only have to do this once since it will remember your settings. Un gros merci to the attendee who reminded me of this necessary step!

Another question was brought up by a teacher who was eager to use some of the tools I shared and whose school uses iPads only. Unfortunately, add-ons and extensions such as French Conjugation are only available on the desktop version for G Suite at this time. 

Finally, another question came up regarding the one-year premium teacher account with Read&Write. This is for a FREE one-year premium subscription which they will receive once they register with Read&Write. My school board recently launched the premium version this past January and, after asking around, it seems more school boards are going that route as a replacement for Premier and other similar assistive technologies.

For those who would like to view my presentation, I have embedded it below. You can also view here bit.ly/gsuiteFSL and, because I have enabled the comment feature, you can comment directly on any of the slides if you have any questions or would like to share any comments. Or feel free to leave a comment on this blog post.

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