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Notre Père Read-Along - Google Slides

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

After posting the read-along for Je vous salue, Marie, I have been meaning to create one for the new translation for Notre Père. And so, le voilà! Using Google Slides with animated text boxes that fade in on click, I also recorded myself reading it using the Screencastify Chrome extension and then uploaded a copy to my YouTube channel. The reason I prefer this over simply sharing the video file from my Google Drive is that there is a cap on daily views. This means that, once it exceeds daily views, students are unable to watch the video and then I get a tonne of requests to have access to the file. (This happens similarly with audio files housed in Google Drive, in particular with the audio files from my widely used listening activity on prepositions.) Fortunately, YouTube has no restriction on daily views and, because it is a Google for Education app, they can easily be embedded within Google Slides.

If you'd like a copy of the slide deck I created for Notre Père in order to change the last part from "Tous les saints, priez pour nous" to your school's saint, click here

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