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Interactive French Calendar for January 2021

Monday, January 04, 2021

Interactive French Calendar for January 2021

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a restful holiday break. As much as I am glad to be back in a regular routine, I would much rather be in-class instead of teaching virtually. Alas, 2021 has different plans for us. So, it's time to dust off some old Google Slides and when a fellow teacher asked for a January version of my interactive calendar, I realized I hadn't yet shared this on my blog. I first saw an awesome English version of this on Jamboard created by the talented @MrsJankord and thought it was absolutely brilliant, I needed to make my own version en français. However, Google Slides is more my jam.

Interactive French Calendar for January 2021

For now, I have created a calendar and a weather board. Because it is a Google Slide deck, the manipulatives only work in edit mode, not presentation or view only mode.

Interactive French Weather Board - Google Slides

In class, I would have the students tell me what to do and I would make the changes. As an alternative now they were are temporarily teaching virtually, you could select a student of the day and grant them temporary access to the file, or share in Google Classroom and make a copy for each student.

If you would like to make a copy for classroom use, click here. To update the numbers on the calendar once January is over, simply navigate to SLIDE - EDIT MASTER and edit the numbers in each cell on the Calendar layout.

UPDATE: I've swapped the text boxes containing the months and the days with pictures so they are easier to move.

If you prefer a calendar that starts on Monday, le voici:

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  1. Diana, you have made my teaching day!!! Merci for this


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