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Taking the Time to Reflect

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's my first my post of 2018 and all I can think of is... 


It's 2018!

In a couple of years, it will be 2020, that once futuristic year I remember writing about in elementary school. You know, when the teacher asked you to predict what your life would be like. And it's funny because I did predict the basics: that I would be married with kids and working as a French teacher. Only, I had predicted that I would have three kids. I suppose I could still have a third child, but, despite how desperately my son wants a younger brother, that would be highly unlikely. Because it would mean that I'd have to change my Twitter handle. But seriously, I'm turning 40 next month and, as much as I totally loved being pregnant the last time around and holding a tiny babe in my arms and witnessing milestones and all the newborn awesomeness, I don't think I could survive the diaper stage. Or the sleepless nights. Nope. I'm quite happy with my two beautiful children. Besides, I'd like to think of this blog as my third child anyhow. 

Toronto Teacher Mom was born on February 23, 2006 at 10:17 AM, measuring at 1024 pixels wide. I was so proud to share my newest-born with the world but, as many new parents so often experience, I had no clue what I was doing. Heck, I wasn't sure I even knew why. But it didn't matter. I gave birth to something that I could shape and mould into a reflection of who I was as an individual and the many new roles I had taken on during that time in my life. The fact that writing was my least favourite thing to do never once crossed my mind. I was more fascinated by the ability to take a basic Blogger template and learn how to customize it in html. I looked at it as a great outlet for creative expression and a potential venue through which I could connect with other moms. Little did I imagine how my blog would transform itself and how it would afford me and my family countless adventures and opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible. Nor could I have ever predicted I would have made so many amazing connections with people across the globe. I could go with the clichรฉ and say I have been so blessed but, really... someone pinch me!

Over the past while, I have taken much time to reflect on my blogging journey that began nearly 12 years ago. Regrets? I've had a few. Then again, too few to mention. What really counts is that I did it my way. It hasn't always been easy, that's for sure. But I'm a hard-headed woman who just so happens to be stuck on blogging. I kid you not when I say it is always on my mind, even when life has me too busy too write a post. I would even say it has become an extension of who I am. Crazy, isn't it? I have grown so much over the past decade and, looking back, so has my blog and my writing style. My blog is no where near "perfect" and that's okay. She's no Mary Poppins but she's still supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in my eyes. And that has a large part to do with you, my readers. So as I kick off 2018 with this, the first blog post of the year, please allow me to share my gratitude to you for following along in my journey and for your continued support. You jailhouse rock!

Alright, alright. I'll dispense with the Elvis song titles already.

Stay tuned, ladies and gents, for some upcoming reviews and giveaways, and be sure to follow along as I welcome the 40's in style with a luxurious getaway at Ste. Anne's Spa. Go ahead. You can pinch me now.

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  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post and congratulations on your blog being almost 12 years old - that shows dedication. :-)

  2. Loved the photo of the hibiscus and can't wait for colour to arrive here in Alberta too.

  3. Looking forward to your posts, always something interesting!

  4. Thank you for sharing this post with us. It was written really well and I’m glad you’ve had more ups than downs. I’m actually going to start writing a blog in the very near future (I just came up with my URL handle) and am wondering if you’d be interested in giving me any advice. For example: do you recommend Wordpress it joomla and some others. I’d love to chat with you. Your blog is great! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Cheryl K

  5. Congratulations on 12 years! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  6. Wow ! 12 years,congrats.I have to say I really enjoy your blog!

  7. Congrats on 12 years! Amazing how fast time goes by. Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog! (Judy Cowan)

  8. I'm looking forward to 12 more years!! Congrats on turning 40 this year, those were the days my friend! :)

  9. 12 years of blogging that is quite the milestone and all the effort put in

  10. Lovely post! Congrats on the 12 years - very inspiring to a new blogger :)

  11. Thanks for this. I have taken more time to reflect this month.


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