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Moments Worth Millions #withAeroplan

Monday, September 18, 2017

Praia do Carvalho - Beach - Portugal #withAeroplan

I lay on the beach beneath the bluest sky, the sun's warm rays dancing across the ocean before me. I hear the gentle waves lapping the shoreline, erasing the footprints in the sand and leaving, in their place, a fresh but temporary canvas. The gentle breeze brings with it a welcome mist and the slightest hint of sea air, while the crystal waters beckon me to dive into the depths of unparalleled beauty.

And then, all at once, the images and sounds disappear as my early morning reverie fades away into a fleeting memory, replaced vehemently by the sound of my alarm. 

Alas, 'twas but a dream. The reality of back-to-school routines sets in and I'm reminded of how desperately I need to get away from it all already. I have recently fallen victim to the common cold and I am now battling an incessant cough coupled with congestion. All I can think of is how nice it would be to relax on the beach and enjoy the healing benefits of the saline air while revelling in the quietude of a little known beach on the southern tip of Portugal. This latest fixation is not entirely random and I have Aeroplan to thank for many a daydream.

Earlier this month, Aeroplan launched a Moments Worth a Million Miles Contest and all I can think about is how incredibly amazing it would be to win a million Aeroplan miles. Wowza! That's enough points to fly my family, my parents, my sister and nephew, my brother and his family, and my in-laws from Toronto to Lisbon on an economy round-trip! Because heaven knows we could all use some R & R. I'm already thinking of Praia do Carvalho, seen above, and Praia da Marinha, below. Don't these beaches look breathtaking? But don't go telling people about them because I want them all to myself, mkay?

Praia da Marinha - Beach - Portugal #withAeroplan

My husband and I started accumulating Aeroplan miles since the beginning of the year and, while we've already earned 50,000 miles, a million mile boost would sure go a long, long way! Here's how you can win: Share where your Aeroplan Miles have taken you and the moments they helped create by posting your travel pics, videos, and stories using #withAeroplan on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to win 1 of 5 prizes of 1 million miles. That’s a total of 5 million miles! Remember to tell a little bit about your photo in your post. A million-mile winner will be selected every week for five weeks from September 5, 2017 to October 3, 2017. 

And just in case you win and have no clue how to spend your one million Aeroplan Miles, consider:

  • A girls gateway. Take 20 girlfriends to Hawaii redeeming for Economy Class.
  • A family reunion. Reunite 8 of your closest family members in Paris.
  • A once in a lifetime trip. Hop on a plane with your partner to experience a First Class Round the World ticket.
  • A trip down under. Take your family of four and redeem for four First Class tickets from Canada to Australia (220K miles each) with miles to spare for hotel accommodation.

If you win and need a plus one, I'll be sure to free my calendar... ;)

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Aeroplan. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. WOW that is amazing!! I have been seeing that hashtag quite a few times and had no idea what it was for. what a great win and opportunity that would be

    1. I can only dream! Where would you go with a million Aeroplan miles?

  2. Wow what a great contest! What an opportunity that would be to win all those miles

    1. No kidding! If you won, where would you travel first?

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  4. The girls getaway sounds like such a nice idea. That would be a dream. I've been collecting Aeroplane miles for a long time now.

  5. I would love to win a million miles. I would take my family on a Disney Cruise!

  6. I don't collect Aeroplan miles so you're all in with a better chance, LOL. I do however like the look of those beaches especially now as it gets colder and colder. :-)

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the prizes, so many possibilities! Gotta love Aeroplan!

  8. Debbie White BeattieFebruary 22, 2018 at 5:03 AM

    I don't collect these points because I already have too many rewards points cards to keep track of and I've never seen a store that gives them out

  9. This would be so sa-weeeet! I would fly my family out to the East Coast for a nice vacation.

  10. beautiful pictures..... The beauty of those places is amazing ….Thanks for the share


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