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I'm a SymbalooEDU Certified Educator

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Sometimes I think I make a better student than a teacher. And I am pretty much convinced that, if I were a student in this day in age, I would be thriving and having the time of my life. It's the geek in me that finds herself drawn to all things techy and for that I make no apologies. But information and computer technology has changed a whole lot since I was a kid where keyboarding was an actual course you could take in high school and Qbasic was the code of the times. I know. I just dated myself. 

Yet, here's the thing: How can we possibly prepare our students for a future that will be so tech driven, in a world where the careers they will pursue likely don't yet exist, if we fail to embrace educational technology into our teaching practices? This is why I was so eager to complete an additional qualification on Information and Computer Technology part 1 last winter. I am also planning on taking part 2 this summer, updating my Google Educator status to Google Certified Educator and completing an online EdTechTeam bootcamp course on HyperDocs. So when I learned that Symbaloo EDU offered a certification program, I had to jump right on it, too. It was fairly straightforward and easy to do but it also inspired me to try new things with Symbaloo EDU. I can't wait to play around with their new Lesson Plans feature! In the meantime, you can read about how I plan on using Symbaloo EDU to share useful French sites with parents and students, and have a peak at my Personal Teaching/Learning Environment.

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  1. This sounds very beneficial for your students Diana and will help to give them a competitive advantage!

  2. that is so amazing! good for you!! that will definitely help your students

  3. it is great to hear that you love to learn and are eager to learn new things

  4. The best teachers are lifelong learners/students like yourself. I'm impressed!


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