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Peter Pan in Wonderland, The 20th Anniversary Ross Petty Family Musical

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Peter Pan in Wonderland, The 20th Anniversary Ross Petty Family Musical
Ross Petty as Captain Hook
Photo Credit: Rachel McCaig Photography
What do you get when you cross Ross Petty with a wig? 

A handsome villain with a head of good hair. 

What? Were you expecting something funny? Because if you were, then you're better off going to the Elgin Theatre and checking out the newest Ross Petty production PETER PAN in WONDERLAND, The 20th Anniversary Family Musical. For two decades, Ross Petty has been delighting children of all ages with knee-slapping comedy, fractured fairytales, impressive dance routines, and vocal performances that will knock your socks off.

Peter Pan in Wonderland, The 20th Anniversary Ross Petty Family Musical - Wendy and Nana
Troy Goldthorp  as Nana the Dog, Steffi DiDomenicantonio as Wendy
Photo Credit: Rachel McCaig Photography
Belting out songs like there's no tomorrow is Canadian Idol finalist Steffi DiDomenicantonio as Wendy, a.k.a. Liza Minelli's doppelegänger. She brings a vibrant energy to the stage with her incredible singing and captivating presence.

Peter Pan in Wonderland, The 20th Anniversary Ross Petty Family Musical - Tinkerbum and Peter
Dan Chameroy as Tinkerbum, Anthony MacPherson as Peter Pan
Photo Credit: Rachel McCaig Photography
Anthony MacPherson joins the stage as the beloved Peter Pan. Not only can he fly, he can dance, too. Seriously, this guy's got moves I ain't never seen! He also gets bonus points for rocking some tight tights. Dan Chameroy, however... this guy rocks anything and everything. I don't know a single person who can pull off blindingly bright outfits, bold makeup and hair so big you'd think it had a life of its own. He returns to the stage as TinkerBum, the love hungry fairy who never learned how to fly but has perfected the selfie. Her character is so funny, I would start laughing even before she opened her mouth. Is it any coincidence that she appears in each of my favourite scenes? I think not. Just wait for the slow-mo mayhem!

Peter Pan in Wonderland, The 20th Anniversary Ross Petty Family Musical - Queen of Hearts
Jessica Holmes as Queen of Hearts, Jen Mote as #5, Jak Baradall as #6, Troy Goldthorp as #7, Dani Jazzar as #8
Photo Credit: Rachel McCaig Photography
A refreshing addition to the stage is the uber talented Jessica Holmes. This is her third time performing in a Ross Petty production but I swear, it was like she was born to be on that stage. She takes on the role of the Queen of Hearts who has an ever so slight speech impediment. Honestly, you hardly notice. What you can't ignore, however, is her remarkable vocal talent. And yes, her Céline Dion alter ego does make a cameo in the show.

Other cast members include Panto veteran Eddie Glen as Smee, So You Think You Can Dance Canada winner Jordan Clark as Alice,  the talented Lamar Johnson as the Mad Hatter and Taveeta Szymanowicz as the Cheshire Cat. My kids really enjoyed watching Taveeta on stage and I think it served as inspiration for them both. They were fortunate enough to meet Taveeta last year when she visited the dance studio where they take lessons.

The family and I thoroughly enjoyed the opening night, including my husband who appreciated the jokes poking fun at the latest current events. I, myself, was very much impressed by the live orchestra who nailed several popular hit songs and, my favourite, the Game of Thrones theme song. The show ended with a much-deserved standing ovation complete with a sea of boos that brought a tear to Ross Petty's eyes. Rumour has it he was arrested by Inspector Murdoch shortly after the show in violation of the Comedy Act.

All jokes aside, Ross Petty's performance was fantastic as was his bold banter with the audience. He sure knows how to get the crowd riled up in good ol' fashioned Petty style. His absence from the stage will be greatly felt and we wish him all the best on his future endeavours.


Tickets are now on sale for PETER PAN in WONDERLAND, The 20th Anniversary Family Musical, running at the Elgin Theatre from November 27, 2015 to January 3, 2016. Prices range from $27-$99 for adults, $27-$69 for children and $256 for a family 4-pack, and can be purchased online at, by phone at 1-855-599-9090 or in person at the Elgin Theatre Box Office.

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary tickets to help facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Looks like a really entertaining show from start to finish

  2. what a fun looking play! and to have a singer from Canadian Idol!? good for her :)

  3. I have seen so much about this and oh how I'd love to be able to go see it live! Thank you for the wonderful review !!

    1. It's definitely a show you have to see at least once!

  4. This show looks like a blast for everyone! Thanks for the review!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  5. This would have been a great show to see at Christmas time. Looks like so much fun.

  6. So many familiar faces there, looks like this new production is very popular!

  7. love theatre especially the ones that you can bring your children to

  8. Great around Christmas time to see

  9. oops forgot to state name; Sandy Guerra
    Love to see this and so would my friends

  10. We took the kids to see this play in December. It was excellent. We are sad that this was Ross Petty's last performance as we have seen several of his holiday shows in the past. Even though he will no longer be performing I hope that he continues to be involved with future productions behind the scenes as his sense of humour is hilarious.

  11. this would have been great to see

  12. It looks like a lot of fun for the kids to see and I love the colorful costumes!

  13. Everything looks so beautiful and entertainment for the whole family !


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