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PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow and Go Playtime Essentials

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow and Go Stacking Cups

Let me tell you a story. Picture it: Toronto, 2005. I had been living in the city for barely a year when my eldest was born. We were living in a small one bedroom apartment and I knew not a single person in our neighbourhood. To save my sanity as I coped with the challenges of motherhood, I would often take my daughter on a little road trip to visit my parents in Hamilton. Even if it was just for the day, I would find myself stuffing the back of the minivan with a mountain of baby gear and toys... You know, just in case. This was in addition to the toys I kept within arm's reach to keep my daughter entertained during the car ride. Once in Hamilton, I'd unload it all and fill my parents' living room with all the gear. This was the routine for me. Pack. Travel. Unload. Repeat. Surely there had to be something that could simplify my life as a new mother. If only we had had some portable playtime essentials from the latest PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow and Go line.

PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow and Go Stacking Cups

At the top of my holiday purchase list of playtime essentials that I wish had, was a set of PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow and Go Stacking Cups. Not only do they come in a rainbow of bright colours, all seven cups have a shape cut into them. Plus, these nesting cups store easily inside a base with an adorable lion face. The tabs form a circular frame to create the look of a lion's mane and the tail doubles as a handle! There's so much cuteness in one little package, you almost forget these stacking and nesting cups are great for teaching shapes and colours, and building hand-eye coordination. Great for toddlers age 9 months and older.

PLAYSKOOL Fold 'N Go Busy Elephant

Next up is the PLAYSKOOL Fold 'N Go Busy Elephant. This ultra cuddly plush toy includes a squeaker, a clicker, a mirror, a peekaboo flower, a rattle attached to a pocket, and a crinkle ear. My favourite feature? The ability to fold all the parts into a compartment hidden at the back and sealed with a Velcro closure. With teething babies that love to chew on their toys, it's the perfect storage solution that protects the toy from getting dirty when not in use. It's also machine washable. Ideal for babies age 3 months and older.

PLAYSKOOL Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo

Finally, we can't forget PLAYSKOOL Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo. Yes, Elmo. Need I say more? I have yet to meet a baby whose face didn't light up at the sight of this adorable character. With Play All Day Elmo, children can enjoy two modes of play, eight games and activities such as "Red Light, Green Light" and "Pat-a-Cake," plus more than 150 responses. They can hug him tight while he sings a lullaby or - my favourite - tickle his tummy in toddler mode. Elmo requires 4 AA batteries (demo batteries included) and is recommended for children age 18 months to 4 years.

So make this the best Christmas yet and buy these toys for the little one in your family! Any of these wonderful PLAYSKOOL toys can be purchased at your local Walmart store or ordered on

This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada, as part of the PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow and Go program. In exchange for this review, I have received special perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Replies
    1. Makes me wish I were a kid again. I would have LOVED having my own Elmo!

  2. I love these new PLAYSKOOL Fold 'N Go, they are perfect and of course especially All Day Elmo is super cool!!

  3. We travel to Burlington to visit Grand daughter so the Playskool Fold n Go toys would be perfect to bring for baby for when they travel back and forth for visits! :)

  4. the fold and go perfect for my grandaughter

  5. Bailey Dexter All Day Elmo is such a great toy for the kids so many hours of giggling!

  6. Elmo has been a big part of our household for the past decade! My son has special needs & still enjoys playing with his Elmo toys. I love how interactive the new Playskool Play All Day Elmo is, he has so many awesome features!

  7. This new PLAYSKOOL Fold 'N Go is amazing and so convenient to carry anywhere.
    I just love this toy. It`s so perfect!

  8. I think I'm going to give the fold n go to my granddaughter less bulk in her diaper bag

  9. My little guy would love the Elmo. He just loves everything about him. :)

  10. I read this post awhile back and later ordered the PLAYSKOOL Fold 'N Go Busy Elephant and my grandson adores it!


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